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Today is a day where we're trying to stop being grumpy! But it's hard. We decided to do something about the grumpiness! So we emailed our client companies about our missing payments! ...And we got one response that said yeah, there was a paperwork problem, so you're gonna have to wait until the end of the month or the beginning of next month. In other words, we...might get paid by them before our trip to Disneyland, but we definitely won't get paid soon enough to make any definite plans until it's just about time to carry them out.

We didn't hear from the other company, so we're hoping that our boss talked to the accountants and they said, "Yeah, we sent that check last week," so we didn't bother to email us back because we should be getting it in the mail today! That would be very nice. Of course, we have to be prepared for that to not happen as well, or the grumpiness is liable to increase.

I think one of the hardest parts about it is that we have to keep working anyway. See, we don't really need to get the money to be happy (money doesn't buy happiness, duh), but it's really hard to see the point in working if we're not going to get paid. So while we're working, we can get caught up in the manga and forget about the problem, but as soon as it's break time, it's back to, "Uuuugh, what's the point..."

We've considered stopping, because we don't owe them anything if they're not going to pay us, but we have hope that they will pay us, and we don't want to be stuck with a mountain of work when everything finally gets worked out.

The other hardest part about this whole thing is that I'm tired of talking about it. Last night, we went to a Relief Society fireside, and everybody asked how we were doing, which we like! but it also means we explained our money problems at least three times. And yet, despite being so tired of it, I keep talking about it! What is wrong with me!?

We watched Host Club last night. Episode five, man. We've seen that episode like a million times, and it's still hilarious.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to see all the different hours on our cuckoo clocks, getting to cheer up with Host Club, work going fast enough today that we think it was okay to quit early, at least having an idea of where things stand with some of our payments, and having ice cream to heal the soul.
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