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Wow, it's like we have a real choir now!

Today was such a good day! Well, there was a bit of a failure. I taught the lesson in Relief Society, and one of my main goals in teaching was to end the lesson on time, so we wouldn't have to skip the closing hymn. Our Relief Society tends to get a lot of good comments and discussions, which is awesome, but if we're just a liiiittle bit over time, the presidency skips the closing hymn! We haven't had a closing hymn in like two months! (This is not entirely true. We actually had one last week, but that's because it was testimony Sunday, so the lesson was actually scheduled to end like fifteen minutes early so girls could stand up and bear their testimonies, and usually when that happens, we don't go over time. Any other Sunday, no hymn.)

So my main goal was to end before two o'clock. I even told myself to try to wrap it up by one fifty-five, because then even if I went a little bit over, we should still have time to sing a hymn. When I finished the lesson, it was about one fifty-eight. One fifty-eight!

And they still canceled the hymn! We had time for at least one verse! Come on!!! I felt a little bad about it, because I sat down after teaching, and as I was sitting, the president said, "We're going to forgo the closing hymn..." and I said, "Argh!!" so I think I may have ruined the spirit a little. Athena replies to that last part by saying, "We could have brought it back by singing a hymn..."

But on the other hand, some sisters said I did a good job with the lesson, especially since it was a difficult topic (chastity), so overall, it was probably a success. I'll just have to be more careful next time.

Anyway. After that, we had choir practice! This was especially awesome because one, choir practice is finally meeting after church again! Woohoo! And two, because we met after church, and people were reminded that the choir existed the very day it was meeting, they actually came! We had the best choir turnout in, like, ever! We even had a tenor section! We never have a tenor section! We hardly ever even have a tenor! But now we had a whole section! It was fantastic. I like choir, because it's really nice to be part of a group of people who are all working together to do something awesome, who have fun talking and joking while we do it.

Today I'm thankful for an awesome choir turnout (we had nice bass, alto, and soprano sections, too!), having a choir director who lives nearby and is happy to give us a ride home, having a choir director assistant who likes to bring treats (or at least make sure treats are brought), the fun of going back and reading our post about Ludwig's storyline in Labyrinth of Grimm, and the fun music from our cuckoo clocks.
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