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Today we were grumpy, so we buried ourselves in work! Ha!

The ironic thing, of course, is that it's work that's making us grumpy. Though maybe it's not so ironic, because ideally, if we can get more work done in a day, we'll have less work to do in future days.

Anyway, it turns out our big project is starting two weeks earlier than expected. This is good, because the big project is kinda awesome and work is generally a good thing (though we've been thinking that less and less the more we have to wait for paychecks that seem to be less and less like things that really exist), but it's bad because it starts exactly the day before we were hoping to leave for Disneyland.

Of course, if our paychecks don't come, that will be a moot point anyway.

But there's still hope! The first phase of the project probably won't be very time-consuming, so it might be okay to take it with us and work on the go! We hope.

Then again, it might not matter, and that's what's had us a little grumpy for a while before today. We're really not digging the work for no pay thing. I mean, sure, we like our job, and we do it as a hobby sometimes anyway, but we have bills to pay and mouths to feed! And video games that we've desperately been wanting to buy for months! Oh Gyakuten Kenji 2... When will we ever get to play you?

Anyway, we should stop whining.

In other news, we are now officially maiden aunts. Tadah! Sarah had her baby last night, and they're all healthy and...well, we haven't heard directly from her, but we imagine they're happy. Mom and Steve looked happy in the pictures Steve sent us, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for this translation of Nabari being kind to us, finally having more C batteries (we went to the store today, too), having more Hobnobs, having a new snack for Oreo, and having a job that I enjoy (generally).
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