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Editing our Negima! omnibus translations is one of our most trying jobs, I think. The problem is that editing means we're almost done, but! when the omnibuses, we have three books to go through. (And first of all, there's the fear of looking at our own work. I imagine it being similar to most people's fear of looking at themselves in a mirror.) Having three books to go through makes it harder, because we finish editing one book and yay! we're done with a book! But immediately after that, we have a whole other book to go through. And that happens twice. So twice it's like, "I'm free I'm free! ...Dang it!"

Today we started editing the third book in this omnibus, and soon after we started, I said to Athena, "It gives my heart hope every time we cross over a page break." And she said, "And we only have ninety-five more breaks to cross over." "Imagine how much hope my heart will have when we're finished!"

Not as much as you might think, actually, because the hope wanes as we wade through aaaaaalllll that taaaalking. Here's another thing that makes Negima! harder to translate than most manga. In most manga, even if there are a lot of lines of text, they tend to stay relatively short (Happy Cafe, for example, is full of "!?" and "......"), except perhaps in especially expositiony scenes. With Negima!, it's long sentence after long sentence after long sentence.

I know we've been whining about it a lot lately. We really don't hate our job, believe it or not. We're just very tired. We decided we need a vacation. Fortunately, we already have plans to go to Disneyland during the last full week of August. Unfortunately, our funds dwindled a bit more quickly than expected, so if we don't get a paycheck soon, we'll have to cancel those plans. If that happens, we'll have to come up with something super duper fun to do that doesn't cost a lot of money, or we're in serious danger of wearing ourselves out. We're just a little worried because all year, we've been like, "We'll go to Disneyland for our birthday! ...Just kidding. We'll go to Anime Expo! ...Just kidding." We're really hoping it doesn't happen again.

Either way, we're sure it will work out for the best.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo and Page learning to share the box in the closet, fun pictures of Gaston with Celine Dion (you have to scroll down to see it), the air conditioning still working, not having to work until seven today, and Negi's super adorableness.
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