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Yesterday we were out for a very long time, and we were exhausted when we got back, most likely (I suspect) due to the narcotic effects of watching action movies. And that's why we didn't post anything.

We went to Mom's house for the brother-in-law's birthday dinner, and there were tasty miniature lemon cupcakes. We also got to look at the photos Mom and Steve took on their cruise while Mom told us all about it. On the one hand, we're jealous, but on the other hand, I don't know if we've gotten ourselves into good enough shape to handle all that walking yet. (We've been exercising... semi-regularly.) I do think it would be awesome to go on an Adventures by Disney Tour, though. Someday...

We also watched True Grit, and apparently Steve is desperate to know what we thought about it (last night we were too dazed (=sleepy) to give a proper opinion), so here's our review!

We're not picky about genre, and we'd heard really good things about it, so I had actually been wanting to see it for a while. When it started, the characters seemed pretty interesting, and there were some good dialoggy scenes, so it had a lot of promise. I think it was about when they got to the house with the two guys and the Marshall killed them that I was like, "I don't think I like this movie after all." Then after that it was a bunch of action/killing scenes without a lot of plot, which didn't help. And there were regular doses of angst, so we could see why it was nominated for the Academy Award.

I came to the conclusion that I don't generally like Westerns, because there's not much difference between the good guys and the bad guys other than who the storyline follows. We were discussing it later and realized that the guys in Saiyuki aren't really "good" guys, either, but at least they only tend to kill people who are trying to kill them, and they have plenty of good banter all the while. Banter is very important for keeping us awake during action sequences.

Anyway, it's a solid film...just not the type of film we tend to like. The end.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see travel photos, tasty miniature lemon cupcakes, seeing the light at the end of the Negima Omnibus 3 tunnel, Dutch cocoa, and Russian chocolate. Oh! and the air freshener Mom gave us that smells like magnolia and cherry blossom. From the bedroom it smells like shampoo or something, which makes me think of being wet, but in the kitchen it's more floral and very pretty.
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