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The cuckoo's lament

We had a surprise visit yesterday! Wao! It was Mom and Steve, back from their European cruise. They stopped by to deliver souvenirs! Yay!

They got us some beautiful painted hair clips in Russia, and they got us each a cuckoo clock! Our whole family's always been fond of cuckoo clocks, but we only had one once, after Dad went on some business trip to Switzerland. So when it was decided that Mom and Steve would be visiting places like Germany, of course it was also decided that cuckoo clocks would be purchased! We were pleasantly surprised when Mom called us before the cruise to ask if we wanted one or two, because we were expecting to get zero. We asked for two, because, in theory, we're eventually going to get married and then we're not so likely to be living in the same place anymore.

And so! last night we were all ready to put the accessories on them (some assembly required) and hang them on the wall, but the saddest thing happened! We read the instructions and learned the clocks require size C batteries. It's the weirdest size of batteries for anything to ever use, because nobody has C batteries.

Nobody, that is, except us! Ha! We did, in fact, happen to have C batteries. We got a bunch a while back when we wanted them for Anime Expo for some reason. Probably something to do with a CD player (Athena confirms my theory as accurate). These days, the CD player is plugged into the wall and doesn't use batteries, so we still had a bunch of C batteries lying in a drawer. I pulled out six of them, which was just enough! (Each clock takes three batteries.)

But then! then! we noticed that one of the batteries had leaked. There was battery acid leaking through the package. Or there had been, anyway. It was dry last night (which just goes to show how long we had these batteries). So we couldn't use that one, and we were afraid to mess with the packaging to get the other one, so now we only had four batteries!

That's okay, I'll just go grab another pack. ...But there are no more packs! Nooooooooooooooooo!

So now each of our cuckoo clocks is sitting in its box, with two batteries in them. We're not sure if that's safe, but that's how it is. And we're just too not wanting to go out in the heat to get another pack of C batteries. Well, that, and we're going to work for another hour on Negima!. There's another news article. I hate news articles.

Today I'm thankful for Mom and Steve being super nice and buying us each a cuckoo clock, the awesome invention that is the cuckoo clock, beautiful hair clips from Russia, C batteries, and still having peanut butter cookies that we really should remember to eat.
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