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I believe this is already on the record, but in case it isn't yet, translating school festivals is the worst. It's especially the worst when that festival takes place in Negima!. It's really, really bad. One time, Athena turned the page and sighed at all the text, and I said, "It's never going to get better. Don't even hope." It's ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!

Though on the other hand, since we're not really measuring this scientifically as we go, we won't know for sure how bad it is until we finish the script and compare its length to our other Negima! scripts. So far, I think volume seven's been the worst at 98 pages. So we'll see.

In other news, Celeste's car got fixed today, so we took a break from work to help her retrieve it (by paying for the repairs). In exchange, she drove us to Costco to get our new glasses! Tadah! The lady at Costco (who happened to be the same one as last week) made us try them on to make sure they fit okay and wouldn't fall off and stuff, and even though I have the same prescription, my eyes were not liking the change. I think it might be partially that they brighter (probably because they're new?), and partially because the different shape makes for a different field of good vision.

At any rate, for now, we're wearing our old glasses. We decided that a day of being out and about in the heat plus translating the dreaded Mahora Fest equals not a good day to make yourself even more headache prone by wearing new glasses. Also, we seem to have never quite fully recovered from our lack of air conditioning last week (because we kept insisting on going out and walking in the heat and working overtime), so today, even though we're translating the dreaded Mahora Fest and we took two hours off to get cars and glasses (and groceries! yay!), we're stopping at our regular quittin' time today, in the name of rest and relaxation.

Speaking of rest and relaxation! we watched some Jinki Extend last night! Tadah! It was alright. It started out slow, but it looks like it might pick up. I noticed that the head writer is someone whose anime we tend to not like so much (but end up watching anyway, because it's based on a manga we really like or something), but this time it might be okay. The last episode on the fifth disc introduced a new character who looks exactly like Sora from Kingdom Hearts! So he started talking...and he sounded just like Riku! (Or Riku if he were trying to sound like Sora? Why would Riku ever do that?) Anyway, it makes us giggle. It's always nice to hear Miyano-kun not trying to be a moe character. (Where by "moe" I mean the type of character designed to make girls squee, not a prepubescent girl.)

Today I'm thankful for Celeste taking us to Costco and Winco, having a lovely lunch with Celeste, the tastiness of Aero chocolate bars, having more Quattro Fromaggio Triscuits, and having paid the rent so we may not have to go out into the heat tomorrow.
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