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A long time ago, RightStuf started doing something that we knew was going to cause trouble for us. We noticed in one of their newsletters, where they list all the things that have a special discount, these things called "blind box" items. We checked the description, and sure enough, it was a grab bag kind of deal, where you pay a little bit of money to get something that you have no idea what it is, but it's worth more than what you pay.

At the time they started doing it, we had no money to spare, and so we were able to withstand the temptation, but man oh man, do we love that kind of thing. I mean, it's a surprise! We don't even mind if it's not worth more than what we pay (as long as it's not worth less); we just love surprises!

So the other day, we remembered that we really like Gundam Seed, and that we never finished collecting the Gundam Seed Destiny DVDs. We were planning to order them directly from Bandai, so the company making the DVDs would get more of the cash, but on the off-chance we'd get a better enough deal to change our minds, we checked RightStuf, and lo and behold, the DVDs were on sale for just $5 each! What!? You can't beat that very easily. We do want to make sure to support Bandai, though, so we're going to need to go watch Sacred Seven at Crunchyroll (and of course Star Driver starts in two weeks! eeee!), but after our long stint of poverty, we thought it would definitely be safer for us to go with RightStuf. It was even cheaper for us to buy all the DVDs individually than to just buy volumes five and six and the second box set! What a deal!

But now that we were ordering from RightStuf... keh keh keh... There was the blind box thing to consider. We decided to just take the plunge! and get a $5 item instead of a $1, which turned out to be a very good idea, because it bumped us to just over $50 so we could get free shipping. (That's right--we got nine Gundam Seed Destiny DVDs for under $50.) The package was scheduled to arrive on Thursday, but today was a good day for getting stuff, apparently, because not only were our glasses finished early (we still haven't gotten them, though...), but we also got our package from RightStuf!

Of course, we were happy to get our Gundam Seed DVDs, but more than anything, we were eager to know what our surprise item was! So we pulled out the discs, one by one (they were in completely non-numerical order! it was a little hilarious), and there, at the bottom of the box, was Jinki Extend. The entire series. Thirteen episodes, so it's a short series, but still! The entire series! For five dollars! Wow!!!

We hope we like it. We have one memorable connection to Jinki Extend, and of course it's memorable because it happened at Disneyland. We were in the pin shop in New Orleans Square, most likely buying a box with a couple of surprise pins (it all comes full circle), and somehow we got to talking with the cast member there, and it got brought up that we translate manga, and he asked if we could help him identify an anime that he saw some of and liked. He gave us a brief synopsis, and unfortunately we hadn't seen it, so he tried to remember the name of the mecha, because you can usually tell a series by the name for the mecha. Finally, he was like, "Oh! It was (something like) Jinki!" So we were like, "Then the series must be Jinki Extend!" And the mystery was solved! And now we have been rewarded for solving the mystery with a surprise box set! Woohoo! Boy, I hope we like it!

Of course we haven't watched any of our new DVDs yet. Part of that is because we had home evening group and stuff yesterday. Part of it is that we can't just watch our new DVDs, which is in large part because we can't decide should we watch Gundam Seed Destiny or Jinki Extend, or should we watch Gundam Seed first and then watch Destiny, or should we maybe watch the Saiyuki Reload Gunlock DVDs we ordered around Christmas, or.... Anyway, the last part of it is that when we got home from home evening group and turned on the TV to watch something while we ate dinner, there was an episode of Zeke and Luther where they were playing skateboarding power rangers, and then there was a new episode of I'm in the Band. So we watched those (which we realized was a good idea, because the way people talk on Disney XD is really good for characters like Kotaro Inugami), played some Kingdom Hearts, and went to bed.

Today I'm thankful for shiny surprise DVD box sets (for $5!), getting to play a fun game at home evening group, almost finishing our first draft of this volume of Negima! (minus extras), getting to take home extra refreshments, and everyone liking the refreshments we brought.
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