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There were so many posts on our friends list yesterday, but today there is nothing. Did LJ break again? Ah well.

Today ended up being super busy! But then less super busy, because we decided to do some things tomorrow instead, like laundry. But then Costco called and said our glasses are ready. But we are definitely not going to walk to Costco, because we are soooo tired of going outside and walking in this heat. What's the deal? I feel like we've been out in the heat every day for the last week! That's not technically true, because we specifically did not go out on Friday, but then we didn't have air conditioning. So we'll see if we go to Costco, but we did go to Fresh & Easy, which is only half the distance, because we forgot that we agreed to bring refreshments to home evening group tonight (which we're probably going to walk to).

Anyway, yesterday we watched So Dear to My Heart, which is an old Disney movie that I don't think a whole lot of people have heard of, but maybe they have. Whenever we mentioned it to people, they seemed not to recognize it, so we said it was the movie Lavender Blue (the song) comes from, and they were still confused. It just seemed like when we were little and getting into Disney music, Lavender Blue was on all the collections. Not so much anymore, I guess. The odd thing about it is that now that we've finally seen the movie, we know that the song isn't prominent in it at all. How'd it get to be so huge? Apparently it was nominated for an Oscar or something...? I don't remember. It's a good song, anyway. I like it a lot better now that I know it's faster than the arrangement I'm used to hearing, which, if I remember correctly, was the one based on Gregorian chant. Athena thinks that was The Circle of Life, and she might be right.

See, back in...some time...we heard about these tapes where they arranged Disney songs in the styles of various classical composers, and I just had to get one! So I got Bibbidi Bobbidi Bach, and one of the songs on it was arranged in the style of Gregorian chant, but now we don't remember which one. That was a looooong time ago (as indicated by my use of the word "tapes" instead of "CDs").

Anyway, it's a cute movie. I like the songs that the owl sings (it's mostly live action, but there are some animated bits with a singing owl; they also feature stories from the Bible and world history!), because they're about getting up and doing stuff, which is something we need more encouragement on.

Today I'm thankful for finally knowing where exactly this "Lavender Blue" song came from, getting to try those crazy international Aero chocolate bars, our glasses already being ready to pick up, our air conditioner still working, and getting to see So Dear to My Heart.
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