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We're going to live!

Whew, today was packed. It started with a phone call from Celeste, which was only a problem because it woke me up. But only sort of, because I had been waking up all through the night anyway, most likely because of the heat. Anyway, after I hung up, I stepped on one of the nail thingies poking up where the living room carpet meets the kitchen floor. I hoped that wasn't an omen for the rest of the day, but remained optimistic.

The phone call was to arrange for us to meet with Celeste and/or her mechanic friend to pay for the new tires she needed, since she exploded one yesterday, and that one was her spare. Celeste's car keeps a regular tire for a spare, which is why she went so long without replacing the spare. Aaaanyway, I had to go alone, because we had plans to meet with Leia, and we didn't know if or when the air conditioning guys would show up, so off I went!

Oh right, air conditioning guys. They showed up at about six yesterday, and worked outside in the heat for two hours! Two hours! And they thought they had it working, but something was wrong with the thermostat. So they couldn't fix it because they needed another part that they didn't have. They said they should get it in the shop tomorrow morning, which would be today, we hoped, or Monday morning, if they forgot it was Friday and meant "the next business day." In the meantime, we still had the swamp cooler, which was still loud, but prevented us from dying of heat stroke.

So Celeste's friend and I picked up the tires, and then we went back to his dad's car shop, where he put the tires on Celeste's car. He didn't want to use the brand new tire as the spare, so he replaced the tire on Celeste's car that had the most wear and tear. Then he went around making sure all the tires in Celeste's car had enough air, and he discovered that the one he had replaced (now the spare tire) had a nail in it! What! He took it out, and it turned out to be a screw, but the point is wow it's a good thing he changed that tire. (After he found the screw, he said, "It's a good thing the Spirit told me to change that one." XD)

Then Celeste brought me home where I found Athena, Leia, and a pizza! Woohoo! Leia was very sweet and bought us a $5 pizza from Little Caesar's. Athena insisted she didn't have to, but she said she'd rather we all be fed before going to Michael's, which was our next plan. At Michael's, we got some neat Shrinky Dink paper that we can put in our printer! We're going to use it to make nametags. Someday. And we also got a bead-weaving kit to make bracelets with. We realized we can use it to make bracelets that go along with the new manga we're translating, so that made it extra exciting.

After Michael's, we went to PetSmart, where we hoped to get some kind of a cooling pad to prevent the kitties from dying of heat stroke while we waited for our air conditioner to be fixed, but we asked a sales representative if they had anything like that and she said no! Noooooooooo!! We didn't want to give up, so we looked around anyway, but sure enough, there was nothing. We bought some filters for the cat fountain and a couple of toys for Page, and when the cashier rang them up, she asked if we found everything we were looking for. I said no, and explained that we were afraid our cats might die of heat stroke, and she gave us a helpful hint about putting rice in a sock and freezing it.

As it turns out, we actually do have some rice! We were happy to be able to help our kitties, but we weren't sure if we'd have time to dig out the rice, find a sock, and put the two things together before our next stop, the Relief Society pool party. We stopped off at home to drop off our new purchases, and we decided that if it felt too hot, we'd take the time anyway.

When we got home, we were happy to find that it felt pretty nice, so the cats were probably doing okay. Then we noticed that the swamp cooler had been turned off. And wait a that cool air coming from the vents!? Oh my goodness, the air conditioning is fixed!! IT'S FIXED!!!! We're not going to die!!!!

That was the happiest of all. And then we went to the pool party, which was kind of boring, actually, but the water was nice. And now we're home in our nice, air-conditioned apartment. Aaaaahh...

Today I'm thankful for our air conditioning is fixed!!!!, Leia driving us around again, having the ability to help our sister when she needed it, getting to buy neat stuff at Michael's, and coming home to happy surprises. And have I mentioned how grateful I am for air conditioning repair guys?
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