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I don't really mean that entire scream, but man, oh man, it is HOT! in here!

As you may have guessed, our air conditioner is not fixed. I think we underestimated the heat when we decided not to ask for the swamp cooler last night. Right about when we started getting ready for bed it was 89 degrees in here. When we woke up this morning, it was 81. (That's an average of about 30 degrees, for the Celsius crowd.)

So of course we went to the office to report. The maintenance guys were prompt as usual. They spent some time looking at it and decided they needed to call in an expert. I do not envy air conditioning experts, let me tell you. Anyway, he's coming at five. In the meantime, we have the swamp cooler again, but it's really noisy, so we left it out in the living room. The thermostat tells us it's 91 degrees right now, which makes the swamp cooler a bit of a detriment, because now it's hot and humid. And with the noise and the heat and the humidity, it's really hard to concentrate. And our boss asked us to do cover copies, which takes a bit of a different skill set than translating. So there was a lot of whining about an hour ago.

But mostly, we feel bad for the cats. Page has been restless for a long time now, trying to find a place to get cool. Oreo keeps alternating between hanging out with us and lying on the cool tiles of the bathroom floor. We always feel so bad kicking him out.

In other adventures, Celeste called today with an exploded tire. Apparently it was spectacular enough to take out one of her car's lights. ...I don't really have anything else to say about it, but I wanted to mention it, because I'm glad she's okay. She said it was weird, because she wanted to be mad at the situation, but she couldn't be, because she was okay with it--she knew everything would be alright.

Today I'm thankful for Celeste being unhurt, the valiant efforts of air-conditioning repair people, getting to order all our missing volumes of Gundam Seed Destiny for $5 each, getting a shipping confirmation today, and having fancy international chocolate to try.
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