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In the continuing saga of the monster in the air conditioner, the repair guys showed up at around four-thirty. They kept coming in and out, turning things off and on, in an attempt to identify the problem. Eventually they figured out that the fan was broken! But it was too late in the day (almost quittin' time) and too hot to fix it.

In the meantime, they let us borrow a swamp cooler. They filled it with ice and water and showed us how to turn it off and on, and eventually we had what amounted to a power-fan that made the living room smell like snow! Nice!

This morning, they came to replace (or maybe just fix; I don't remember) the fan in the air conditioner, and then we had air conditioning again! ...Until about three-thirty, when it started growling once more. Sigh...

We decided not to report it today, because the swamp cooler is neat, but it's kind of a hassle, and we don't have any ice to refill it with. So we'll soldier through today and report it tomorrow morning.

But that wasn't the only adventure we had yesterday! We did something EXTREME! and went to Costco to buy glasses. Something as simple as buying glasses doesn't seem like it should be as incredibly stressful as it was, and was. It's not that it was an unusually bad experience with customer service or anything. In fact, the lady there was very nice and helpful. The problem was solely with us and our indecision. And fear. Glasses aren't exactly something that are easy to just say, "On second thought, I don't like it. Never mind," after you've already got them. Unless you got really cheapo ones that don't have a real prescription. And we've both had the same glasses for like a decade, so getting new ones is almost like getting plastic surgery! Only not really.

A big part of our problem is that fashion today dictates that glasses have small lenses. We're used to our bigger lenses, so we're afraid we won't be able to see as much. But we decided that we can probably get used to it, and we both found a pair that we thought was really pretty and not too exorbitantly priced.

So we finally went to pay for them, and when we said we were going to use our friend's Costco membership, the lady said, "That's fine. You're going to pay in cash, right?" We were like, "Umm... not so much." And she said that the rule is we have to pay in cash if we're using someone else's membership. So we laughed and apologized for taking up her time, but she said it was okay, she'd ring us up anyway. I told her I felt bad breaking the rules, and she said it's okay, she's a manager, and it's not a law, it's just one of Costco's rules. I think more than anything I was upset that I'd made a mistake, and the upsetness was magnified by the stress of the decision-making process. Ah well. In the end, we got our glasses ordered. We should have them in a week! Tadah!

...I just hope we can still see with them...

Today I'm thankful for finding nice glasses frames, the nice manager who was so helpful the whole time, our friend walking all the way to Costco with us in the heat (she doesn't drive, either), having our kitchen sink faucet unplugged (now the water goes FSHHHH! again), and having plans to go to Fresh & Easy and buy fancy international chocolate.
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