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Today we went to the vet, and had breakfast at IHOP. The end.

Actually, that's not even close to the end, because Oreo was still at the vet when we were at IHOP. Celeste had been calling yesterday to ask for help making internet decisions for her new place (she's moving over the weekend), and I took advantage of the fact that we were already talking to say if she were kind enough to drive us to the vet to drop Oreo off for his comprehensive exam at the obscenely early hour of between seven and eight-thirty, we would treat her to breakfast. Despite our hatred of getting up early, we were kind of excited to have breakfast plans. None of us has any qualms about eating breakfast at any old time of day, but there's just something about having breakfast for breakfast. And that's exactly what we did! And it was lovely.

On the way home from breakfast, we made a deal with Celeste that if she drove us to pick Oreo up from the vet, she could have all the ramen that's been sitting in our pantry. Of course, we'd already agreed to give it to her, but this way we could remember to have it ready when she got here, as opposed to all the other times, where we just didn't think about it. And so we were able to retrieve Oreo from the vet. His checkup results were pretty much what we expected--healthy except for bad teeth and still underweight.

Our kitties do love to give us a challenge. Oreo is underweight and Page (we're pretty sure) is overweight, so how do we get the underweight cat to eat more while keeping the overweight cat eating less? It is an enigma. The current untested plan is to distract Page with a few treats and only give actual food to Oreo. That way, when she's done with the treats, hopefully she'll just walk away. (There's still a bowl of dry food for her to come back to; we should make sure it's not too full.)

And then we finally got our manga, but only because we tracked the package obsessively, and so we knew that it had been delivered even though the UPS person didn't even leave us a note. But now we have shiny manga! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for Celeste being nice enough to help us pick Oreo up from the vet, getting to see all the adorable kitties at the store, Oreo's checkup going well, having a lovely breakfast with our sister, and having shiny new manga to read.
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