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So here it is, Captain Animate, part one.

Takahashi: I suppose we could say that the Captain Animate theme song is selling tolerably        well.
Anizawa: (embarrassed) Eheh. Yes, well…
       It’s because the music and lyrics are so good.
       It’s not only because of me, President.
(Takahashi gets out of his chair and walks toward the window)
Takahashi: Ikebukuro, the city that doesn’t sleep.
       The masses traverse the enormous city that swirls with desire.
       And I, who look down on them
       Might indeed be called the god of their desires!
       Is that not so, Anizawa!?
Anizawa: uh…
       Y-yes, sir.
Takahashi: In my time as the company director of Animate, I, Takahashi Yutaka have built        up this magnificent Animate Tower and have brought the hidden society of Ikebukuro        under my thumb.
       But the ache of still knows no relief.
       The sales of the theme song CD has set fire to the spring of my desire!
       Do you understand, Anizawa!?
Anizawa: N-no, not at all, sir…!
Takahashi: I will conquer the entertainment industry!
Anizawa: E-entertainment industry!?
Takahashi: A band!
Anizawa: Band!?
Takahashi: Visual-kei!
Anizawa: P-President, I honestly can’t see where you’re going with this…
Takahashi: You will do it.
Anizawa: Huh?
Takahashi: You will do the vocals for a visual-kei unit!
(thunder clap)
Anizawa: Are you serious!?
Takahashi: Of course I am.
Anizawa: By visual-kei, you mean those guys with shaved eyebrows who put on tons of        makeup and sing stuff like about the fallen angels’ wings drawing spirals being an        indecent illusion and sin and punishment and stuff and get on stage and French each        other and all the girls go “kyaaaah!” …That visual-kei?
Takahashi: Yes, that visual-kei.
Anizawa: N-no, sir…
       I mean, I’m not visual-kei at all. I’m more of a hot-blooded type
       I’m the exact opposite of visual-kei!
Takahashi: Not a problem.
Anizawa: It is a problem!
       I’ve never heard of a visual-kei band wearing stone-wash jeans, rolled-up sleeves and        can badges!
Takahashi: And until now I had never heard of a man becoming a store captain just from        getting a visor, either.
Anizawa: Uh!!
Takahashi: A man with no experience manages an entire store and boasts of having        recorded a CD besides.
       The man I know as Anizawa Meito is a man who can do these things.
(Anizawa walks out of the office, closing the door behind him)
Takahashi: (chuckle)
       Let’s see your skill,
       Anizawa Meito!


Original Work: Kazuhiko Shimamoto
Scenario: Ryunosuke Kingetsu

Anizawa Meito: Tomokazu Seki
Takahashi Yutaka: Jurouta Kosugi


Character Introduction and VA Comments

Image hosted by
Captain Animate
*Fiery Captain / Anizawa Meito

A hot-blooded man who loves anime merchandise with all his heart. When the previous captain was assaulted by men from the rival store, Anizawa hears his dying wish (though he’s not necessarily dead) and becomes the “Captain” of the newly opened Animate store.
The crimson “Captain Visor” is his trademark.

CV: Tomokazu Seki

1) Tell us about your character.
He’s an extremely hot-blooded, gutsy guy. I haven’t done too many characters like this recently, so I’m happy to be able to play a new type of character. He’s kind of crazy (laugh).

2) Of all the characters, which do you best relate to?
I couldn’t be like him now, but the character I would like to be able to relate to someday is President Takahashi. I would like to feel what it’s like to be on top of a skyscraper looking down at people and saying, “Fools, blah blah blah,” (laugh).

3) Tell us your thoughts about acting in this drama.
It was very friendly, calm atmosphere. Because there were so many people that I worked with in Weiss (laugh), I thoroughly felt how frightening Animate can be, in that respect as well.

4) Give us a comment about Captain Animate.
He’s only just become captain, but I think he’s going to work hard to become the best anime store captain in Japan, so I would like to support him from the shadows. Good luck! Captain!

I was sure there were some translators' notes we wanted to post, but I can't remember them right now, and I'm too distracted by Lami-Card Musume right now to wrack my brain. I hope you enjoyed this!
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