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Wouldn't you know it! Wouldn't you just know it! We went to Kinokuniya('s website) to buy some manga, and the first thing we looked up! ...was actually Ouji to Majo to Himegimi 4, which just came out. But after that! we looked up Nosatsu Junkie, and they had exactly all the volumes we already have, and none of the ones we don't (except 14). Although technically, we only have eight, because that was the one we were holding onto until TokyoPop gave us the go-ahead to translate it... *sniffle*

And suddenly the thought has occurred to me that maybe if we ordered those volumes (one through seven, I mean), the stores would think, "Somebody wants Nosatsu Junkie! We'd better get those other volumes!" And therein lies the dilemma I've been trying not to think about, because it's just too depressing. (Although I'm sure there are in fact plenty of much, much, much depressinger things in the world.) We've already read the first several volumes of Nosatsu Junkie, so we wanted to get all the ones we haven't so that we could read the rest of the series, but then we'd have an incomplete set!

But we don't have the money or the space to keep buying manga all the time, and that's what makes it so depressing. I start to imagine an apartment, bursting at the gills because it's so full of Stuff. But we love all our manga, and we'd hate to get rid of it! What if someday we find time to read it again? Or what if we just want to pull it out and look at the pictures? The idea of giving it up is heartbreaking, especially because the odds of finding someone to give it a good home are slimmer, since we had to be all snobby and get the manga in Japanese.

Now Athena has come up with a brilliant idea for a coffee table that will store the manga for us. It will be lovely, if we can ever find or make one. It has drawers exactly the right size for manga!

And then as I spend all this time worrying about whether or not to get the whole set of manga, the manga is going out of print! Ooooohhhhh nooooooooo!! The set will never be complete! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!

Anyway. Failing to get Nosatsu Junkie, we next tried for Happy Cafe. Once again, the next volume is out of reach! But they had all the ones we already read. Kind of strange, when you think about it. Normally the older ones should be harder to find. Hopefully that means the series are still in print and there's hope of at least getting the volumes we haven't read.

So we got a few volumes of Gakuen Alice (we're still hesitant about buying more than three of any one series at a time), a volume of Hoshi wa Utau (we would have gotten the end of it, except the store we were buying all our manga from didn't have 10), and a couple of volumes of Skip Beat.

And now I'm wondering why we ordered manga on a Thursday. We're sure to have to wait extra long because of the weekend. Ah well. It was that or wait for the weekend to be over anyway, and besides, we still have a bit of research left.

Today I'm thankful for being able to pay all our bills, getting to buy manga!, nice ideas for manga furniture, getting to buy those fancy cookies from Fresh & Easy (we saw them one time when we were buying treats for a Relief Society lesson, but they were untried, and we wanted to get something everyone was more sure to enjoy; after that we never had the money to justify buying them), and the nice-smelling things we got at the fireside on Sunday.
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