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Back in the real world?

Whew, it's hard jumping in and out of the real world. See, while it may have been possible to make it so that we could both perform our research at the same time, finances and practicality led us down the path of buying only one set of resources. So while Athena has been researching our new project, I've been reading Peter Pan. And thus, we have been immersing ourselves in our various explorations, and whenever we stop for a break, it's like, "Whoa, where am I?" Or something. The point is, it's disconcerting.

Anyway. Since Athena's already finished Peter Pan, I can talk about it here now! Tadah! Not that I have a whole lot to say. I mean, it's good, of course. I like the way the narrator interacts with the readers and the characters. What I never really cared for about Peter Pan was the idea that grown-ups can't remember how to fly. In fact, all the forgetting business that happens to everyone is just annoying to me. Why can't people remember things, for crying out loud!? We always hated excessive forgetfulness. At one point toward the end, I was like, "Didn't any of them think to keep a journal? You know--write stuff down?"

I was thinking about it afterwards (by which I mean, while we were getting ready to have snack time during our last break), and I figured out the problem. It has everything to do with the attitude of the lost boys. They all grew up to be boring because they were always boring to begin with (sorry, boys, it's true). Any time any new idea was brought up (usually by Peter or Wendy), they would be all, "Oh, I like that idea! Do you like that idea?" "Yes, I like that idea! Do you like that idea?" and so on. In other words, none of them could think for themselves. No wonder they grew up to have boring jobs. And Peter remained interesting forever because he had a mind of his own. Tadah!

It also made me think of the great and spacious building, which is a concept that I really don't have the patience to explain right now, but I've been thinking about it for a long time, to the point that I've wanted to talk about it on LJ, but I've never had the patience to. When will I ever have the patience, I wonder? Maybe sometime when I say to myself, "Self, you don't have too much on your plate today! Why not write about the great and spacious building?"

Oh what the heck, let's try a brief description! In the Book of Mormon, a guy named Lehi has a dream full of symbols about the meaning of life. In it, he sees a great and spacious building, full of a bunch of people pointing and laughing at all the people who are eating the fruit of the Tree of Life. (Here's a short video (two and a half minutes) summarizing the whole dream.) The building represents the pride of the world. I think about it a lot, because of all the instances I see of people saying, "Oh, I don't do that; smart people don't do that." (They don't actually say that second part, but you can hear it.)

But anyway, I think it relates to "growing up" in the Peter Pan world, because a lot of the time people become boring because they don't want to be pointed and laughed at by the people in the great and spacious building. And then, when they see other people having adventures, they go into the great and spacious building themselves, pointing and laughing, most likely because they're jealous or feel guilty for giving up something they knew was awesome. Considering how the narrator keeps mentioning Mr. Darling and the importance of his good image, I think it definitely fits. But I do have to add that I hope that people's adventures don't involve killing anybody.

Anyway. Just thinking out loud.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting the paychecks we've been waiting for, having an excuse to take time off for "research," the thought of getting to buy manga soon, getting to watch Melody Time with people last night, and still having Reese's ice cream bars to look forward to eventually.
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