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We were hoping to finish work much earlier than we did, but we did still finish early, so we're happy enough. We would have finished even earlier if we hadn't slept in this morning, but yesterday we were just so exhausted we couldn't resist. And then right when we were getting ready for bed, we had kitty problems that needed cleaning up. Sigh.

But anyway, part of the reason we were so eager to finish early is that we know Home Evening Group is going to go long tonight, because we decided last week that we're going to watch a movie tonight. The opinionated people seemed excited about the prospect of watching Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle, so that would be nice, but we won't have time to do anything else when we get back! And that's bad! Because the other reason we wanted to finish work early is that we tracked our package this morning and discovered it's already been delivered!

Apparently whichever organization ended up with the package (it started as UPS but somehow may have gotten transferred to USPS...?) delivered it right after two on Saturday! Two on Saturday!? That's when we tracked it and they said it was coming on Tuesday! What the heck!? I guess it was important for us to stop angsting before we got it or something. But we're pretty sure we're not done angsting... Sigh...

So we decided to wait until we were done working before going to the office to get it, and while we were working, we got the package with the materials from Kodansha, which of course we need to read because we're starting at volume three. And that was very exciting, but we wanted to wait until we had the first package in our possession until we opened it, so it's been distracting us all this time! But we still managed to work through it! But with some very bad typing! (Which continues even now, as that last "typing" was almost a "typinf.")

And now it's finally time to go get our package and open both of them! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for very kind people letting us talk about our deep-seated psychological issues last night, getting packages, finishing work early, still having Reese's ice cream, and getting to watch the original Disney's Winnie the Pooh yesterday (but now the video casette will remain unrewound for a long time, because our VCR will play videos, but not rewind them).
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