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So today was pretty much terrible. Okay, it's not like the whole day was terrible, but there were certain terrible aspects that are making us hate society. Not that it's society's fault per se, but I think it is. One of the main problems is that we can't talk about our problems, and that seems to me to be society's fault. Of course, we can talk about the problems to each other, but that doesn't really help, because we end up talking in circles and being grumpy for a while.

I mean, the main reasons for talking about your problems is either to solve the problem or to get validation, and we already totally agree with each other so it's like, "Of course you're going to validate me; it's your job." And neither of us has the power to solve the problems, so there you go. In other words, talking to each other about our problems is like having the first half of a movie, so you get all the conflict and stuff, and you really want to see it resolved, but you don't have the second half of the movie, so all you can do is watch the first half over and over. It gets old.

And I'm trying not to talk about problems on LJ too much, because then I make people look like the bad guy. I used to think, "What's wrong with making someone look like the bad guy when they're being bad?" It's not like I make this stuff up; I'm just telling it from my point of view. And if you go back and look at me complaining about people, you can see I always make allowances for people--maybe they were in a bad mood, or maybe I misunderstood something, or heard something wrong. But whatever, LJ is public, so blah. (I have thought of the option of friends-locked posts, but...I don't know; I just don't like it.)

Anyway, part of the problem is whenever we try to confront the people causing the problems about the problems, or even when we try to go to somebody else about a problem, they either tell us we're the bad guys for even thinking there's a problem (also known as "being hurt"), or cut us off because we're only supposed to talk about happy things. As if the best way to solve problems is to smile and pretend they don't exist. And this is why I blame society. Ugh. Why doesn't it ever occur to people to, like, solve the problem?

Alternatively, sometimes when I actually get to talk about my problems, I realize, "Wow, that was kind of dumb. Why am I even letting that bother me?" And then it's all cleared up and happy. But if I try to talk about my problems and you tell me I'm a terrible person for even bringing it up, not only am I still upset about the original problem, now I'm upset at you for being a jerk. You're only making more problems!

And then when we got home from the awfulness, we tracked our package to discover that our research has been rescheduled to arrive on Tuesday. Tuesday! They couldn't at least reschedule it to Monday? What gives? Sigh. At least we have plenty of other fun stuff. And new Tiger & Bunny!

Today I'm thankful for being treated to Chick-Fil-A, confirming that the internet connector thingie is in fact the source of our computer start-up problems, Chick-Fil-A giving educational kids' meal prizes, having Tiger & Bunny to watch, and finally getting to the end of Birth by Sleep: Final Mix last night.
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