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Farewell, my tweet

Today has been another busy and uneventful day. We were thinking about how we never seem to have enough time for anything, and we decided to give up on Twitter. Not entirely, of course--we still have our account, and if we get an email telling us somebody said something to us, we plan to reply. But we never really said much there anyway, so it never became much of a social thing. We kind of did that on purpose, because we hate the idea of being tied to our computer, and we don't have any kind of cell phones, let alone smart phones, so it's not like we could go mobile with it. And even though we did get some useful information from it, usually it ends up being just as boring as everything else we do on the internet. So we decided it was time to stay away.

That being the case, I feel like we really are almost alone in our tiny corner of the internet. Like those characters in books and movies who live out in the middle of nowhere, and the main characters have to trek to their houses to get important information. Only we don't really have any important information. Well, none that you can't find anywhere else (like here, for example).

Aaanyway. I do think we'll probably go back to Twitter sometime in the very near future, because I was determined to tweet at Walt Disney Animation and ask them why they changed the character design for Christopher Robin. And then we decide to quit Twitter the day before the new Winnie the Pooh movie comes out. Smooth move. But! it's not like we need to stay away from Twitter or anything. We just want to, to save time. So it shouldn't be a problem to go back every once in a while, when we have an important question.

I really do wonder what's up with Christopher Robin, though, because I seem to remember hearing or reading or something about how they were really excited to go back to the feel of the original Pooh features from the 60's. If that's the case, why does Christopher Robin look so different? We have our theories, but the internet has enough baseless conjecture as it is.

Today I'm thankful for our plans with Leia being solidified, finishing the first draft of the book we were translating, remembering that we're supposed to eat cake after this (we were supposed to eat cake before this, but I forgot), having a stapler ready for when we need to staple contracts, and the computer working today.
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