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It's time for another...predictable story.

It's really not as predictable when it's happening to you. Ah well.

Anyway, we realized that we're getting close to the end of one title for each of the two companies we still work for, so we were thinking that when we turned in the last volume of each of them, we'd ask for new ones. We thought that in the case of Ace Attorney, we might just go on to the Ace Attorney Investigations manga, but we always want shiny new things to work on, so we were going to go ahead and ask anyway.

Then we got word yesterday that the monster project would be starting up again, and we thought of the Negima! omnibuses, and we decided that asking for new titles would be a Very Bad Idea. So we changed our minds and decided to be patient, and wait until we knew things would be more manageable--in other words, wait until either the Negima! omnibuses or the monster project was finished. And thus we decided to continue our routine as usual.

In continuing our routine as usual, we turned in the latest Ace Attorney translation. We thought four was the last one for some reason, but it turns out the manga series has five volumes, so we would have been waiting a little bit longer to ask for a new title anyway...but it doesn't matter, because we weren't going to ask for a new title, darn it!

And then our boss emailed us back and asked us if we wanted to take over on a new series. You totally saw that coming, right? Well, we didn't, that's for sure. (We were kind of like, "Figures." though.) But we're always excited to work on new things, even if it means Schedule of Doom! So of course we agreed to do it! And now we're totally pumped! (I stole that phrase from Final Fantasy X-2.)

And here's the extra fun (by which I mean probably not so fun, but fun to tell about, because it adds conflict) part: this particular series requires very strict adherence to deadlines! And! it's going to require research! Of course it's going to require research; we're starting on volume three. But it's going to require extra research! Woohoo! (I'm actually pretty excited about the research.)

Now, as for whether or not anyone is going to care about this series...first of all, it's already been announced, so none of this, "I hope to hear news about this series I totally want licensed!" business. Because you should already know about it (unless you're just not "up" on manga licensing news, in which case you probably weren't thinking that "I hope..." thing anyway). Nevertheless, we still don't feel like it would be appropriate to say what it is for some reason, so we're not going to. Feel free to guess, but we won't tell you if you're right or wrong.

Second of all...we're actually not sure who would or would not care about this one. It's kind of up in the air. You might care, you might not care. We're going to go ahead and guess the reactions would range from indifferent to mildly intrigued. I guess we'll find out when we finally tell everybody what it is. But at any rate, we're excited, and that's the important thing!

And now it's time to do a little overtime so we don't get killeded by our schedule when things really pick up.

In sad but amusing news, we have to do laundry today and we're exactly one quarter short. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for getting a shiny new title to work on, excuses to buy reference material (it's not Ace Attorney Investigations, but we are still dying to buy Gyakuten Kenji 2), getting invited to a friend's place to have sherbet last night, the amazing lessons we have at Institute every week, and making plans with Leia to see Winnie the Pooh on Friday!
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