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Today is a very impatient day! The computer was once again stubborn about starting up, so we'd try for twenty to thirty minutes, and then go off and do something else, like eat breakfast, or finish investigating another Apollo Justice case, and after our third set of twenty- to thirty-minute attempts to start up the computer, it finally started! Yay! ...We definitely need to do something about this, but we just don't have time!

When we checked our email, we discovered that we have a very time-intensive project on the horizon. The shocking thing about this is it's not a Negima! omnibus. That means we have a different time-intensive project to do in addition to still being assigned Negima! omnibi. We're quite afraid for our schedule. We may never play video games again! Ooooohhhh nooooo!!!

(I should point out that we're happy that this project is starting up, just nervous about whether or not we'll ever have any free time again.)

But we at least have to finish this case in Apollo Justice, because it may have some terms that are relevant to the case we're polishing up in the Ace Attorney manga, and we can't turn in that translation until after we check it against the game. (It's nice to have an excuse to play video games.)

And after that! it's a race to finish as many of our current projects as we can before the new one starts up! It will be intense! I hope we can survive all the Negima!!

But now it's back to Ace Attorney, because it's also Institute night, and we're not sure how much time we'll have to play after we get back!

Today I'm thankful for on-hold projects starting up again, getting to try rosemary & olive oil Triscuits (we've discovered we don't much care for them, but the important thing is now we know), remembering that we have a bag of Baked Ruffles, also remembering that we have a pack of Fudge Shoppe...some kind of cookie with mint creme, and our ride to Institute calling us to make sure we're still on for tonight.
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