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There are odd sounds coming from...somewhere. And not just like thumps and bangs, but like...mysterious radio transmissions. A little like when the grown-ups are talking in the Charlie Brown cartoons. Very strange. To Athena it sounds like a drill. To me it's currently sounding like a mix between a yawn and a slide whistle.

Anyway. Today has certainly been unusual. The usual problem prevented the computer from starting up this morning, only it was being extra stubborn. We tried for a long time, then decided to come back and try again after breakfast. Only first, we'd open up the casing and dust everything out. Our room gets a lot of dust, so we figured plenty had built up over the last...however long we've had this computer. Sure enough, there was dust everywhere! So with the help of a paint brush and some Swiffers, we got it cleaned out! (We don't have any of those fancy air cans or anything.)

And when we were done, we turned on the computer! ...and the problem persisted. Boo. It was looking like even if we weren't planning to go on strike, the computer sure was. But in the end, it was nice enough to start up, and we finally managed to get some work done. Whew. We probably would have gotten a lot more work done if we didn't have to deal with the kon'yaku/konnyaku conundrum. Sigh. At the very latest, we should get this script finished before Wednesday's out! Our boss is on vacation, so finishing it today would have been pointless anyway.

In the meantime, we hope we don't have to take the computer in for a check-up. We can't afford this kind of thing!

Today I'm thankful for the computer starting up, the weather being relatively cool, Mom having Drumsticks instead of birthday cake last night, finding a good substitute for konnyaku, and getting to take home a bunch of Starburst yesterday.
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