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Up too late for a weeknight

Wow, it's past our bedtime. We knew it would be when we got home (or it would be at least close to our bedtime), so we considered going on strike. We're tired of all this working we've been doing for almost no pay. Seriously, after all the work we've done in the last five-ish months, we've only been paid for about two things. There have been processing issues. And people keep going on vacation, making it difficult to fix them. So we're like, "Never mind, we'll just go on strike until the processing issues are solved." But then we're afraid of two things. First, if the processing issues are only solved for each individual project, we'll need to make sure to turn things in, so we won't be broke six months from now, when we're waiting for payment on the next thing that's having processing issues. Second, going on strike is not really a good client-relations move. Of course, since we're ahead of deadline, we'd probably not come out and say we're on strike, but then what good would it do anyway?

Aaaanyway. Today we went to Mom's place for her birthday dinner! Yay! (Her birthday was on Thursday.) We watched Unknown, which we always thought of as the movie about the guy who lost the 116 pages of manuscript when they first started translating the Book of Mormon. And for some reason, people don't get the reference. And we're like, "Come on! Martin Harris?" And they were still like, "Wha...?" And then someone else reminded them that that was the name of the main guy, remember? We blamed it on the fact that when they were talking about watching Unknown, Mom kept saying, "I don't mind watching Liam Neeson again."

(And, since we figure most people reading our LJ actually won't get the reference, basically, Joseph Smith translated a bunch of the Book of Mormon, his scribe Martin Harris asked to borrow the manuscript to show to his family, Joseph Smith prayed to get permission, the Lord said no, but Joseph really wanted to let Martin show his family so he prayed again, the Lord still said no, Joseph prayed one more time, and the Lord said yes but only show the manuscript to a very select group of trusted people, Martin Harris said okay but broke the promise and the manuscript was lost.)

Obviously, that's not what the movie was about. We didn't care for it that much, not because it wasn't about that, but because it took itself too seriously or something. And there wasn't enough character development to get attached to anything. It probably would have worked well as a series, with more time to flesh everything out.

And there was some conversation, and Make Mine Music, but I think everyone lost patience with it. We kind of suspected that would happen, but it's a little sad because the best cartoons are at the end. Ah well.

Anyway, I need to stop rambling. Today I'm thankful for the yummy pizza we had at dinner, still having Reese's ice cream to try later, daydreams of what we can do when we finally get all our paychecks, it being cool enough to open the windows at night, and the email we got to read where this guy said some stuff that was all like, "I'm smarter than everybody else," and this other guy was like, "No you're not, and here's what you need to fix about that."
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