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As if! coming up with names for Ace Attorney manga characters weren't hard enough already! they had to go and name one of the characters Kasumi! Well, the obvious American version of that would be Misty, so those of you who have played the games can see the problem right away. For those of you who haven't, there's a very important character already named Misty. Now, if it were a more obscure character, like Russel Berry or someone, we could probably use that name again (we did think of using Russel for a character in the spidery case, but opted against it because we really just didn't want to repeat names if we could help it), but Misty is like majorly important.

We thought, "Well, Misty is a pretty obvious choice for Kasumi, after all, so maybe both characters are named Kasumi...?" No such luck. Misty's original name was Maiko. Well darn it. So we figured the "mistiness" of the name could be like an illusion, so we looked up names that mean illusion, and what do we find? One of like three names that we found? Maya. Aaaaarrrrrrrggh!

We did eventually come up with a name that we think works, and, while spelled similarly is different enough from Valerie (Hawthorne) that we're going to use it anyway (especially since Valerie is relatively minor). But, and we knew this was coming, now we have to come up with an Americanized name for Justice--we kid you not, his name is the English word--Justice Masayoshi. And what does Masayoshi mean? Justice. Of course.

Obviously, we can't use Justice because of Apollo Justice (he's a main character, doncha know), so, we think about why he's named Justice and how he's a very fair, try to do the best thing, kind of guy. What's a good word that's kind of similar to that, that can also be a name...? Oh right. Wright.

Again, I say argh.

So anyway. We'll come up with something...but not until next week, because we're tired. And kind of lazy. And it's hard to be motivated to work these days. But we have some research to do, too, and that means workreation! So off we go!

Today I'm thankful for being able to find good names for everyone in the first case in that volume of Ace Attorney (we liked our names for volume three,! ah ha ha ha...), getting to listen to lots of our Gyakuten Kenji orchestra mini-album today, the amusement factor in thinking that whoever came up with the Japanese names for all these characters almost had to be deliberately sabotaging the English translation, the yumminess of our Independence Day bundt cake, and getting a prompt response to one of the emails we sent that we thought we might have to wait a long time for a response for.
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