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Today was intended to be a kind of "hiding from the world" day, except that then we came out of hiding to comment to people on LJ, so we weren't hiding, but then we spent the rest of the day playing Ace Attorney, to the point that we were late to our church's Thursday night activity.

We didn't think we had that much left in the game, but I guess we underestimated how much testimony they tend to cram into the last trial of each game. Eheh. Every time we got to the end of a chapter, it was like, "I guess the next one's it! It shouldn't take that long!" And we finally finished the game! ...about ten minutes after the activity was supposed to start. Which probably actually means about five minutes before it really started, but it's possible they started on time today, because there was a big crowd today. We guess the big crowd was caused by a text message letting everyone know that they decided to have the activity be Ultimate Frisbee, but we'll never know because...well, mostly because we don't care enough to ask anybody.

We didn't want to play, so we stood around for a while listening to the other people who weren't playing chat, and then we got bored and came home early. It was only a little extra sad, because we just finished Ace Attorney 3! And it's such an awesome game! But there wasn't really anybody we could talk to about it. We really need to stop doing awesome things on the afternoon before Thursday night activity, because the inability to talk to people about it only makes us sad. We had the same problem one time when we watched Astro Boy. That time it was even worse, because there was somebody there we thought we'd be able to talk to about it, so we went to him and said, "Hey, have you seen Astro Boy!?" and he was like, "I heard it was terrible." And then we were bummed out for the rest of the night. This is another reason we have a hard time with Smart People. They can't like things for some reason.

Aaaanyway. Ace Attorney 3 is awesome, and Godot is quite the fascinating character. But I'm too lazy to do an LJ cut, so I think I'm going to leave it at that. Tekito. We are a little a concerned about it, though, because at the end, Phoenix and Maya were calling Franziska by her first name, but we had them calling her Ms. von Karma in the manga. We may have to send an email to fix that. But they were calling her Karuma-kenji! How are we supposed to... I don't know. Sometimes the naming is inconsistent in these games, anyway. You can tell they have different translators on the different chapters, especially when the stuttering ch-ch-changes (or c-c-changes, depending).

Today I'm thankful for getting to play through the awesomeness that is Ace Attorney 3 again, finishing work early so we had time to finish the game, getting a little bit of exercise, getting things sorted out as far as certain payments, the temperature not being in the 100's today. And the hope that, someday, we'll get to play Gyakuten Kenji 2.
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