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We're still hoping to get some more answers on the poll we posted yesterday (please go answer the questions if you haven't yet!), so we can't really talk about it yet. The questions that have been brought up will be answered! Just not today.

Except for one question, which was, "What new anime did you watch?" Since that won't affect the poll at all, we figure it's probably okay to answer that question. We watched Uta no Prince-sama, as streamed on the NicoNico site. Tadah! I did almost make a comment in yesterday's post about how we could write a review of it, but Athena pointed out that it's hard to review that kind of thing after just one episode.

See, it's based on a love sim for girls (at least, I think it is, because I remember Miyano-kun talking about something with the same title long long before the anime started, and we seem to remember looking it up at CD Japan or maybe there was something in a Dengeki newsletter or something), so the first episode is pretty much just, "Here's the premise. And now let us introduce all the guys the heroine will get to choose from!" So there's really not a lot of plot, and let's face it, love sim premises are rarely very original. There is one thing that I thought was a little unique, and that's that the guy Haruka (who happens to look like Akane from Haruka) fell in love with before the series started is kind of a gag character. ...Or is he? But since he's played by the same guy who played Tamaki in Host Club, it fits.

Come to think of it, introducing a bunch of characters is a good thing, because characters are the best part of an anime. But when there's so many of them, there's never enough time to figure out whether or not the characters are really any fun. You mostly just get to find out what type they are, like when Tamaki asks Haruhi what type of host Haruhi prefers.

So that's that question. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for Cheesy Bites Pizza still being on sale at Pizza Hut last night (we were so afraid we'd missed the limited time offer), being able to order said Cheesy Bites Pizza, getting to sing all the verses of the closing hymn today (things went a little bit over, so I was worried that it would get cut), anime that involves lots of guys with pretty voices singing, and finding out that you can turn off the subtitles on Hulu videos.
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