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I have a question.

Today was actually kind of eventful. We watched some new anime, and we did some chores, and! we got to pay rent, which is much more exciting than it sounds, believe me. As an added bonus to getting to pay rent, when we went to the office, we found not one, but three packages waiting for us! So now we have comp copies for Negima!? neo, Ace Attorney, and one more Negima! Omnibus.

But none of those events take much time to write about, so today! we decided to make a poll. See, there's something we've been wondering about for quite a while now, and we wanted to find out what other people think.

We were playing this video game, and there was a fight (as usual), and you beat this guy, and his friend just watches like "whatever," and the guy says to his friend, "Hey! You're supposed to say, 'That's what you get for pulling your punches,' or 'I guess you're having a bad day'!" And his friend responds, and this response is what we're wondering about. We've played the game in English and in Japanese, and the response is different in each language. That's what brings us to our question. Let me list the scenario twice, so you can see the responses right next to the preceding line.

"Hey! You're supposed to say, 'That's what you get for pulling your punches,' or 'I guess you're having a bad day'!"
"You mean you want me to lie?"

"Hey! You're supposed to say, 'That's what you get for pulling your punches,' or 'I guess you're having a bad day'!"
"Sorry. I'm a bad liar."

This poll is closed.

Which scenario is funnier?


Which scenario do you think is the localized version, i.e. the one that's been changed to resonate more with English-speaking audiences?

I've played the game. I don't think; I know.

If you have anything to add to your answer, feel free to do so in a comment. We're going to screen them so no comments will influence anyone who hasn't voted yet, but we're really eager to get some comments. Even if you don't have a comment, please please please take the poll! We're hoping to get a lot of answers!

EDIT: Because there's been some confusion, we'd like to clarify question two. It's asking which one do you think was NOT the original Japanese.

Today I'm thankful for getting to pay rent, Mom taking us to the bank, getting some chores done, having plans to order pizza tonight, and Fresh & Easy mint chocolate chip ice cream.
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