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Oh. my. goodness.

I'm kind of feeling like a social networking site recluse today, which makes it a little hard to update Live Journal. Of course, the main thing that brought it about...actually, there were two things. First, nothing happened to type about today, which always makes me reluctant to update Live Journal, because then I have to sit around making a bunch of false starts until I can come up with something worth rambling about.

Second, there was something that could turn into something that would be worth typing about, but that's where the other part of the social networking site reclusiveness came in. And now I guess I'll just ramble about how that all failed. Remember the other day when we were talking about Andreas Deja's blog, and how the only celebrity we've been following longer than him is Alan Menken? Well guess who may (or may not) be on Twitter now.

It started with a retweet. A very trustworthy Disney news twitter feed tweeted a video that had originally been tweeted by someone going by the name of Alan Menken. Of course, we immediately "followed" him, but then for some reason, we were like, "Wait, is this really Alan Menken?" I don't even know why we thought that, because there are a ton of unverified people that we follow without a second thought.

Why is it even an issue? Well, some of you may remember long, long ago when we went to Japan and came back with a new theme song: Compass of Your Heart, from Sindbad's Storybook Voyage at Tokyo DisneySea. As soon as we found out that the song was written by our favorite composer since childhood, Alan Menken, we've been wanting to tell him how much we love it. But we couldn't figure out where we'd send a letter to (chances are, we could send it through Disney Animation, or Walt Disney Studios or something, but we're also terrible at writing fan letters). So it didn't take us long after starting Twitter to search for him to see if maybe he was on Twitter, too. He wasn't, but we were determined that if he were ever to start tweeting, we would tweet at him about Compass of Your Heart.

We even searched Twitter fairly recently to see if maybe he'd started, but no luck. So now here he is apparently maybe. I thought if we tweeted at him, I'd have something to update Live Journal about, but now we wanted to make sure it was really him before tweeting at him, because that would be awkward if it wasn't. (Though thinking about it, if we'd just watched the video (which was supposedly of Alan Menken performing a Disney medley), it would prove that it was at least someone who knows who Alan Menken is.) So we spent much more time than we should have trying to find proof of this Twitter account's identity. And then we decided it was okay not to push ourselves, and we should just update LJ and move on with our lives.

Anyway, that all being the case, as I was typing about how odd it was that we doubted whether or not this Alan Menken, being retweeted by a very reliable Disney news source, was in fact the real Alan Menken, it occurred to me that maybe it was a case of fear jumping in to prevent you from doing awesome things. Fear has a habit of jumping in to prevent the most awesome things, so we decided to just get over it! and tweet at this person, whether he's really Alan Menken or not.

It took a lot of deep breaths, and a lot more stalling, but we did it! We had to write everything on Notepad before sending it, because, as expected, it took more than one tweet to get everything in. We didn't want to tweet the first part, and have him read it and be like, "Wha...?" while we took a million years composing the next tweet. But now we did it! The odds of us getting a response are slim to none, but that's not the point!

And once again, we have presented a glimpse into the psyche of a couple of crazed fangirls. Tadah!

...He's probably not even online right now.

Today I'm thankful for potentially finding Alan Menken on Twitter, working up the courage to tweet at him (it seemed like such an easy thing to do until it finally came time to do it), finally getting to the part in Ace Attorney that tells us how long Iris's kimonos are (sure we're not at AX this year, but the knowledge will come in handy eventually, I'm sure), having chocolate milk to drink for snack time (we discovered this morning that we forgot to put it in the fridge on Sunday after Sister H gave it to us, but they were individual packages that said "refrigerate after opening" (emphasis added), and neither of us has gotten sick yet), and making good progress on our translation today.
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