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Well that's depressing

So while attempting to not be total slackers in the face of being completely broke come January, we've been keeping an eye out for job opportunities. As part of our search, we found the Honyaku mailing list, which seems pretty neat so far, and gave us a tip that led us into checking Atlus Games to see if they need translators. And, as a matter of fact, they do! Yay!

...except that they need these translators to work in their Irvine office.

It's only a temporary thing, so we thought, "Hey! We could stay with someone we know for a while, and... we don't know anyone in Irvine. Dang." Ironically, if we had gone with our original plan of moving to Anaheim and working at Disneyland, we would probably have been close enough to actually apply for the job. Maybe this is bad karma...
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