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Well here we have a bit of a dilemma, because I had an interesting geeky thing to talk about today, but now I might have to save it. But the real dilemma is what's causing the minor dilemma, so instead I guess I'll talk about that. I hope I don't forget about the other thing I wanted to talk about, though.

Anyway, anyone who had been reading our column probably knows that Manga Life is no more (and therefore, so is our column, which is why I had to go back and change the "has" I had typed to a "had"). To be honest, it was a bit of a relief, because, while it was nice to geek out a little bit about translating every couple of weeks, we usually had a hard time coming up with topics, and more often than not, we weren't very satisfied with what we'd written. If we were more satisfied, we might have tried advertising the column more on Twitter, but as it was, we weren't sure we really wanted anybody to read what we'd written.

It sounds kind of awful now that I put it up in text like that, but it's true. Not that we thought it was all horrible, just that we're perfectionists, but we weren't motivated enough to put more time into the columns. Plus we weren't sure if anyone was even interested in anything we were talking about. That fear was confirmed when, about a week ago, someone on Twitter asked if Manga Life was gone for good or just temporarily having problems. We answered the question, but left out the part that said, "If you'd read our column--you know, the one where we said Manga Life was going bye-bye--you'd know that."

There were times when we wondered if we added some more vitriol to our columns, then maybe they'd be more popular. People seem to like to read ire. But those were always times when we were feeling bitter about, for example, a certain grumpy translator. There were also times when I'd think maybe there could have been a way to keep people more interested. For example, translation is kind of a niche geeky thing, so instead what if we had talked about the titles we translated? All people really want to read about is people talking about their favorite series anyway, right? Anyway, my thoughts on that kind of thing aren't really fully formed, so I'll stop talking about that stuff.

The point is, today, one of the former Manga Life writers emailed and said he and some other ex-Manga Lifers were writing for Manga Life's sister site, Comics Bulletin, and since they want more of a manga presence, and apparently our unread (please ignore the self-deprecation) column was a highlight of Manga Life, they were wondering if maybe we'd like to start up our column again at Comics Bulletin.

The honest answer is, "Umm... Not really..." But we like to feel wanted. And we like to help people. Actually, when the owner of Manga Life said he was going to have to shut it down unless someone stepped up to be the editor-in-chief, we emailed our condolences and he asked if we were interested. That was a more emphatic no, but we still felt bad about it. We're well aware of the fact that you can't help people very well if you're spreading yourself too thin, which is why we were able to say it anyway, but in this case, it's like, "Dude, it's one column every two weeks. Like you can't spare that much time?"

And we can spare that much time (unless the one really intense project starts up again or something), but that doesn't mean we have anything to talk about! We do have one thing to talk about right now, but it's another translation geeky thing, and as I said before, I'm not sure people are really interested in that unless we specifically mention their favorite titles. And this topic isn't really fit for that!

So we're torn. On the one hand, it couldn't hurt, and we're happy to address topics that people are interested in, but every time we ask people what they want to know, we get crickets. (Not that we blame them (the people, I mean, but of course the crickets aren't at fault, either); we're terrible at coming up with things we want to know, too.) Maybe we can agree to do guest columns every so often...

Today I'm thankful for being almost caught up on Tiger & Bunny (oh my gosh, Jake is sooooo scary!), finishing work early today, the amazing ice cream cookie sandwiches we had last night (the label said they were 600lb. Gorillas, but they looked like ice cream sandwiches to me *grin*), getting to see the interesting animal displays at Fresno State last night, and finally remembering to eat all the fruit snacks we'd been stocking up on.
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