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I was thinking that we'd post about the photo scavenger hunt today, but then we listened to the Gakuen Babysitters CD two days ago, and now I'm just at a loss. The main thing is I'm way too lazy to upload pictures. I actually wasn't planning to post most of them anyway, because they feature a bunch of random strangers who gave us permission to use their picture in the scavenger hunt, but not to post their picture on the internet.

There were really only two reasons we wanted to post about the scavenger hunt anyway. The first is that we won! Yay! This is exciting, because we almost always fail miserably at scavenger hunts, even though we always liked the idea of them. I've long suspected that our problem is lack of unification--we tend to be put in groups with a lot of people running around in different directions. This is good if coordinated, but the coordination was usually lacking as well. But this time, we had a very well coordinated group, and we managed to get a picture of all but one of the things on the list! Boom!

The other reason I wanted to post about it was that one of the things on the list was to have your whole group act out a scene from a Disney movie. Of course we were determined to have the best picture in this category, even if we failed at everything else. So while the two other members of our group discussed where we could find other things on the list, our minds were racing to come up with the best Disney scene to reenact. I thought it would make things more fun if we did a movie that was all animals, so naturally I thought of the scene from Lady and the Tramp with the spaghetti, but that would have required props that we didn't have. Maybe it was the prop thing that triggered it, but I hit on The Lion King.

So we came to our apartment and grabbed Page. She was going to be Simba, and Athena would be Rafiki, and the other two members of our group would be the animals bowing down to the new king! It was perfect! ...Or it would have been, if Page had shared our vision. Page does not like being lifted up high. She doesn't like being held in general (though she's happy to lie down on your chest or face), but she especially does not like being lifted up high. Athena was bleeding for the rest of the scavenger hunt.

We did get a picture with Page, but she wasn't posing very well. So we grabbed Oreo, and he was much more agreeable. He just meowed once to let Athena know that he didn't really like this after all, but by then we were done, so it was okay. (We wanted Page because she has a better Simba look, but I guess since none of the rest of our group looked like their character it didn't matter that much.)

And one day when I stop being lazy, we'll post that picture.

Now, as for that Gakuen Babysitters CD, oh my goodness, could anything be more cute in your entire life!? (I guess something probably could, but this one is up there.) When Tokeino-sensei mentioned it in the manga, she said that this time her editor made her write the scenario herself, so we were extra looking forward to it. But we were also worried, because audio dramas can be really hard to follow (y'know, since they're in another language, and there are no visuals, and especially no text) and also because we knew Kirin would be in it. And Kirin speaks with a lisp. Not only a lisp...or maybe it's defined as "more than one lisp"? Too lazy to check. But anyway, she can't pronounce S or L/R. And sure enough, we only really understood about 50% of the dialogue, if we're lucky.

Fortunately, Ryuichi was pretty easy to understand. And! he was played by the same guy who played Thumbelina in the Ouji to Majo to Himegimi to CD drama. He wasn't the guy I imagined in my head when reading the manga, but he did a really good job.

This time, in Gakuen Babysitters, Ryuichi has decided that he's going to help Kotaro improve his speech and stop saying "uh" all the time. There are no words to describe how adorable the actress playing Kotaro was. (He's played by the actress who played Winry in the new Full Metal Alchemist.) So we got to hear some poorly pronounced animal names, and then Kirin showed up. Oh boy.

But she was just too adorable. It didn't really matter that we had no idea what she was saying, because it was too cute anyway. We did hope that Taka would show up so there'd be someone else we could understand, but no luck. We knew we couldn't count on Usaida being in it, because there was some discussion in the manga, where Ryuichi said, "I think you might be in it... but not..." That all made sense when Ryuichi started telling Kirin that she really needed to call him Usaida-san. She said Taka's mom told her she didn't have to, but Ryuichi convinced her she needed to respect her elders (or something), so she agreed to call him something like Ushai-sha. We really can't make it out. But this led to our favorite part!

Ryuichi has a monologue about how Kirin is so smart and knows big words, but she still can't say "sa shi su se so." Then Kirin starts bawling about how yes she can say sha shi shu she sho! And he was like, "How did you read my mind!?" and she was like, "You said it out loud!" So then he tries to appease her, and then he catches her lisp and he can't say it anymore! And Kirin was like, "You're in high school. Doesn't it embarrass you that you can't say sha shi shu she sho?" And he's like, "I can, too!" and he tried it and failed, and she told him the right way to say it (which of course was wrong), and then she asked Kotaro if he could say it...and of course he couldn't. And he left out se.

And then Kirin decided to help Kotaro with his vocabulary by putting on a play (since her mom's the drama teacher). So they played house! And it was so cute!

And eventually they all went home, and Kotaro managed to say something that sounded like "tadaima" when they got there. Awwwwwww.

Today I'm thankful for getting to win the photo scavenger hunt, Sister H being awesome and giving us food (after church she asked, "Are you getting paid?" and we told her the whole story, and how we were running out of food and completely out of money, and she said, "Is there anything you need? I have food," and we were like, "We need milk." so she took us by her house on the way home from church and gave us milk and cereal and bread, and we should be able to last until we get a paycheck), the cats being right next to each other and not fighting when I woke up this morning, getting a lovely visit from our home teacher, and finally getting to sing that really pretty song in sacrament meeting with the choir.
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