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Kind of wanting to yell at things right now for no good reason. We think it has to do with a conversation about Disneyland that actually wasn't fun. Those can be upsetting, because conversations about Disneyland are always supposed to be fun, but this one wasn't, so it was extra no-fun, because of the contrast.

Other than that, it was actually a pretty good day. We went to Babies R Us with Mom to go baby shower shopping for Sarah. We looked at her registry, and we were like, "Wow, people can just have a party and expect to get this kind of stuff?" We were a little jealous, but then we remembered that having a baby is a very expensive endeavor, so we were like, "Okay, I guess it makes sense, if you need to do something expensive, you get a bunch of friends and family together to help lighten the load. ...We should have showers for more things. Like, the two of us should have a 'the Twins' paycheck is two months late and we need food and rent' shower."

Still, it didn't take long at Babies R Us to remember why it's a bad idea to send the two of us and Mom to a store that sells adorable things with an excuse to buy said adorable things. But we were still trepidatious, because it seems to have become a little extra difficult for the Twins to get gifts for Sarah. We will take partial responsibility, because it's true that we disagree with much of our brother-in-law's philosophy on life; in other words, we don't get along. That being the case, he realizes we don't necessarily like him, and reciprocates the sentiment.

Recently, Mom bought a bunch of Disney fleece panels and made them into blankets. (We even have an LJ entry about when Mom bought them, because we were with her.) And Mom likes to give stuff to her kids, especially when they're about to give her a grandkid, so she gave two of them to Sarah: the Peter Pan one, and the Bambi one. Later, it was reported to us that our brother-in-law's reaction was less than happy, because he suspected us of trying to assign a Disney character to his baby (this theory may have something to do with the fact that each of Mom's daughters has a specific princess to identify with, which is why we told Mom to offer Sarah the Snow White blanket).

First of all, there were two blankets, and only one baby. If we were trying to assign the baby a Disney character, we would have put all our energy into that one character. That's just logic. Second of all, it wasn't our idea to give them the blankets in the first place. And third of all, you named your kid after Wolverine! If anybody's assigning characters, it's you!

Eheh. Mom told us about that, and we didn't get a chance to talk to anybody about it, so the emotions have been building up for a while. It hurts that they make those assumptions about us, and it hurts more that we can't give them a gift without them thinking we're plotting something. And we weren't even the ones giving the gift!

Anyway. The point is, we were afraid to buy anything, because we were sure Sarah or her husband would come up with some evil ulterior motive we must have to be giving it to their child.

But there was this turtle! It was so cute! And it lights up and projects stars on the ceiling! And it has a storybook that teaches about eight different constellations! Eeeeee♥♥♥

Still, we were nervous, so we just kept it in mind, and kept looking for things on the registry list instead. Eventually, we found the Rainforest thingie thing, where you lay the blanket on the floor, and then it has the two arches that you set up over it with toys hanging from them, and you lay the baby under them for him to play with them. That was on her list, so we decided to get that instead (even though Mom was paying and it was expensive; we'll pay her back when we have money). But we just couldn't get that turtle out of our minds, so Mom told us to get that, too. So we did! Ha! (And we're still intending to pay her back.)

The shower was...pretty much like a baby shower. We played the game where everybody gets a clothespin or safety pin or (in this case) paperclip, and if you catch somebody crossing their legs or arms or fingers, you get to take all their paperclips. Celeste was totally dominating until someone caught her cracking a knuckle. She never did win her paperclips back.

Sarah seemed pretty happy with the Rainforest thing, which we decided was from all her sisters plus stepsister, but it was a little hard to read her reaction to the turtle. She opened it and said, "It's a Twilight Turtle..." in that tone of voice you hear people say, "Great..." in when they really don't think something is great. But maybe I was just being overly sensitive. Athena had the same thought, but she could be overly sensitive, too. After the shower, as we were getting ready to go to dinner with Mom and Steve and Celeste, we asked to Mom to make sure that if Sarah doesn't like the turtle, we'll be happy to have it. She thought we were being silly, and told us she knew Sarah had seen one and wanted one. So maybe she just already knew somebody else is getting her one. (Her in-laws are throwing her another shower at a future date.)

And then we went to dinner, which was nice. We decided to come right out and tell Mom that we're running out of food, we have no money, and we would really like to be treated to a meal. So Mom and Steve were kind enough to take us to the combined Taco Bell / Pizza Hut Express. And now here we are. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for having a decent time at the baby shower, Mom and Steve treating us to dinner, turtles that light up and show the stars on the ceiling, Mom getting to use coupons so she didn't have to spend too much on all the stuff we bought, and getting to listen to the Gakuen Babysitters CD drama (which is pure adorable; more on that tomorrow, probably).
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