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Today has been full of good stuff! First, we got an email about potential new work, and then we got an email about actual new work! Only half-new, but still excellent! We get to finish up Nabari! Woohoo!

We also got an email from astronerdboy, telling us that some of the foreshadowing we translated matches the reveal perfectly! (We still don't know what the reveal is, so I'm not giving details because we don't want spoilers.) This is excellent news, because it means that we do, in fact, know Japanese! Eight years of translating manga for a living, and we can never be sure. It doesn't help that we've had to work with people who were very quick to notice when we make mistakes, and seemed to love suggesting "is this a translation error?" But we do know Japanese after all! Yay!

To add to the fun, we finally got our Negima! Omnibi today! These books are huge! That's probably why we only got two when we normally get three. We flipped through one briefly to see if we could find the one place where we... Okay, so we did make a little jab at the old translation, but we hope it wasn't too vicious. We just had to use "Southern Master" once. We couldn't resist.

Come to think of it, it's an added bonus that they delivered the package to our door instead of leaving it in the management office without even telling us it existed. Nice!

And! that package came from UPS after we got a package via USPS from Akadot Retail! That's right, we finally got the issue of LaLa Magazine with the Gakuen Babysitters CD drama! And it came so fast, too! We wanted to use fast shipping, because we wanted to hear it! But by the time Akadot actually got that issue, we were waaaaay too poor to splurge on fast shipping. In fact, it may have been a bad idea to splurge at all. But if we didn't get it as soon as it came in, there's no telling if we'd have another chance! And! it got here three days after the shipping confirmation!

We might not have time to listen to it until late tonight, though, because tomorrow! is Sarah's baby shower. We knew it was coming, so we checked our email for the Facebook invite, and ack! it's tomorrow! So I called Mom because we need to get her a present! But Mom wouldn't pick up the phone! I'm afraid I might have ruined things by reminding her of the cat she was trying to forget about on Wednesday morning. But I was persistent! So we might go shopping tonight. We have to get something with Wolverine on it.

Today I'm thankful for more work!, confirmation that we know Japanese!, getting our Negima! comp copies!, getting our Gakuen Babysitters CD!, and (alllllmost) finishing the Negima! translation we were working on!
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