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Twitter is seriously messing with our heads. We're hoping it will be back to normal when we're done updating here.

Aaaanyway. We're taking it easy again today, which is probably good, because it's really hot. Work is always so much harder when it's really hot.

I kind of wanted to talk about this yesterday, but then we got whisked away, so that means I'm talking about it today! Tadah! Athena and I are taking turns reading the Brain Storm book, one chapter at a time. Even though there aren't that many chapters, it's slow going because we have a ton of things we want to do. In fact, there are so many categories of things we want to read, and we like all of them so well, that whenever we decide hey, it's time to read!, we have to flip a coin to choose what to read! And we sometimes have to flip it twice, because we have three categories: manga, prose in English, and prose in Japanese (namely, Kieli). Manga is heads, so if we get that one, we just read manga. If we get tails, we flip again to choose between English and Japanese.

Of course, there are times, like last week (or two weeks ago? my sense of time is so skewed lately) when we were just like, "Time to read manga!" all the time, thus neglecting all our other books. Then we got the manga cravings under control and it was back to coin-flipping, which is why we finally got back to Kieli after what feels like ages.

But anyway, the other day, we were feeling like reading Brain Storm, so we didn't flip a coin and we read it! Bam! And now we've both read Chapter One: Beginnings.

So far, it's a bunch of stuff we already know, but that's okay, because it's filled with fun anecdotes and observations. It's a little hard to read, though, because we actually approach creativity from a religious standpoint, and Don Hahn clearly does not. The part that really made me stop (because I had to figure out what was going on) was when he said that the idea of creativity as a gift from God is largely false. I was like, "I disagree with you, but I can't read the rest of the book unless I go on, so what's your reasoning?" It went on to say, basically, "because we're all creative!" And I was like, "What? But I agree with that. But I disagree with what you first said, and wha...?"

Then I realized, "Oooohhh, you mean the idea of creativity as a gift from God to a select few is largely false! Well, you should've said so! I'm totally with you on that one!" I wanted to find a direct quote, but I don't want to look too hard, so I didn't, but anyway, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we believe that, as sons and daughters of God, we've all inherited some type of creativity as part of our divine heritage. Here's a great talk that goes into it (scroll down to "the Work of Creation" if you don't want to read all of it). It doesn't say exactly what I said, but it (the one section) does start with this: "The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul."

Very interested in seeing what else Mr. Hahn has to say. (But obviously not interested enough to override the coin's decisions right now. Kieli is good reading!)

Today I'm thankful for being blessed with talents, coin-flipping (for decisions that are hard to make, but not life-altering), having a fancy new shower head to try out, finally getting back to Kieli, and having plans with Leia for tomorrow.
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