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I'm a little disappointed that we just spent the evening with our geek cousins and didn't remember (and thus couldn't tell anybody else, spreading the news) that it was Captain Picard Day. So disappointed. Even more disappointed because when Star Trek came up, we did remember to bring up International Talk Like William Shatner Day. We just weren't on Twitter long enough to get the memory reinforcement.

Anyway. Today, Mom's sister and her family were in town, so we went to her house to hang out with them. We had a really good time, and Mom's sister and her daughter informed us that it's not a matter of "should we" watch Dr. Who; it is a life requirement. Since this cousin is the only member of our semi-immediate family who reads anything we translate, we're inclined to listen to her. (We have second cousins that read manga, but we're hardly in touch with our first cousins as it is, so...anyway, this particular cousin is our nearest relative who reads something we translate.)

And now it's late and we should go to bed. Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time with relatives, finding tasty food at Hometown Buffet, Captain Picard Day (celebrated by frequent use of the phrase "make it so"), amusing Twitter exchanges between Wil Wheaton and LeVar Burton, and amusing Twitter exchanges between Morita-oniisan♥ and his followers (one day, he was out in the rain or something, and somebody said to take care, and he said, "It's okay; Nozomi will protect me." then later, he was like, "I wanted somebody to say 'What!? You're with your girlfriend?' so I could say, 'She's the bullet train.'" Then somebody said the girlfriend line, and he was like, "I don't want your charity!" And then somebody else was like, "I thought about saying, 'Hikari is jealous that Nozomi gets all the attention,' but I guess it's too late for that." ah, bullet train humor).
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