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Whew, work today was like a breath of fresh air! It's so nice to feel like we're getting somewhere! Of course, we still got held up a lot, because we had to come up with names for characters, but that's okay! And it was good that we played Ace Attorney yesterday, or we would have had to spend more time looking for the American name of the department store. (How on earth did they come up with Lordly Tailor?) Why can't American fans make information sites as helpful as the Japanese ones? We would have saved so much time looking for Ultra Divine Water...

Not a lot happened today, so I was going to post that song I keep mentioning, but then I realized we still have to sign up for an account at a media sharing site, so that will wait until tomorrow, when we should hopefully be finishing work early.

In the meantime, somebody said an amusing thing at Home Evening Group last night. He was new to the group, and for some reason, he was struck with the urge to go out and grill some hot dogs. And/or he was coming up with ideas for group activities. I don't know for sure. But he said, "And the vegans in our group can eat hot dogs, too, because they're not real meat!"

Maybe you had to be there.

Ah well, that's all.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on something that feels like it's progressing, getting to go grocery shopping yesterday, Mom and Steve treating us to dinner, having people in our Home Evening Group who aren't afraid of sugar, and getting to go to Institute tonight.
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