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Ace Attorney day

Today we're enjoying our day off by playing Ace Attorney! Tadah!

Our original intent was to play Trials and Tribulations so we could check out Iris's costume better. We have an Ace Attorney art book, but it only shows her from the waist up, and we needed to know how long her kimono thingie is. We remembered that they showed her full body from the back when she was on the witness stand, so the logical choice was to play through that trial.

But then we wanted to play through all the trials in order, and of course that's the last one. And the longest one, and we think she's one of the last people to take the stand, so we have a lot of Ace Attorney to play before we can get the one bit of reference we need. (Just Trials and Tribulations, though. We don't need to play through the whole series; that would be silly. But also awesome. But also more time-consuming than we can afford right now.)

...Or we would, anyway, except for the fact that this whole "lack of payment" thing has made us realize that we may not be able to afford Anime Expo anyway. And after Mom started making that Shion sweater and everything! We haven't given up on the idea entirely, and in fact, we could probably go for a day or two and just stay the night at Gaston's place. This is an option we will definitely look into if they announce a guest that we really want to see.

But in the meantime, we've been wanting to cosplay Ace Attorney for a super long time, and it's about time we actually make it a reality, convention or no. And besides, our next translation assignment is Ace Attorney, so we really ought to refresh our memories of the translation style. And so! more Ace Attorney! (But maybe I'll cut out pieces for a Dahlia costume first.)

Today I'm thankful for getting a day off, getting to replay Trials and Tribulations (last time we replayed it, we had to race through it to get to Armstrong for his speech pattern), cool videos at the Disney Parks blog, the kitties being awfully cute today, and Hershey's Miniatures.
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