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Anime Expo, anyone?

We decided to take it easy today, as if we haven't been going easy enough on ourselves already. It's hard because we like Negima!, but after volume four kind of crushed our souls a little bit, and then Memorial Day crushed them more, we're just not that motivated. The only problem is if we want to be done with Negima!, we have to actually finish it. So we worked on it anyway, but we started off in a bit of a bad mood, because! this morning we got to email a client and ask where our payment is! Woo.

We really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really hate having to do that, especially when we've already done it several times recently, but when those several times are all for the same paycheck, it kind of becomes necessary. Or I guess it wouldn't if we were rich or something, but since we're kind of the opposite of that, it's necessary. And the reason we're the opposite of rich is that, despite having been working pretty hard for the last three months, we can't seem to get any payments. (That's not entirely true. We did get one payment, which was good because we were able to pay rent.)

It's all rather annoying, to euphemize the sentiment. All we want to do is buy all the volumes of Skip Beat! we don't have yet! And go to Anime Expo. And go to Disneyland. And buy the rest of Happy Cafe and Gakuen Alice and Nosatsu Junkie and...probably a couple of other TokyoPop titles we need to get the rest of. And Hoshi wa Utau. Right. I'm beginning to see the merits of Buddhism. But Anime Expo and Disneyland and manga are all so much fun! And what about the second Miles Edgeworth game that we still don't have!? Aaaaaaaahhh!

Okay, I'm calming down. We're pretty sure it will work out eventually.

Anyway. Speaking of Anime Expo, our hotel options are getting thrown a little out of whack. Is anyone interested in coming and sharing a hotel room? (Even if this client doesn't pay us on time, we have enough money coming in July that we should be able to afford our share with a credit card, which will be paid off ASAP.)

Today I'm thankful for surviving the spectacular thunderstorm we had last night, the tasty Fiddle Faddle we had for a snack today (could use more peanuts, though), having a lot of things to look forward to, the thunderstorm waiting to strike until after we paid the rent, and having a ride to Home Evening Group tonight (we were planning on walking, but now we don't have to!).
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