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Non-productivity again

Aaaahhh... today our cable was out when the Cosby Show was supposed to be on. (Actually, the Cosby Show is on for like four hours straight on various channels, but the cable was out during the time we usually watch it.) So we were going to use that time to translate more Captain Animate, but then we got distracted by adorable EyeShield21 merchandise and then our monitor blacked out. So we spent the afternoon playing Lunar2 instead. Mystere is the best.

We're a little bit sad about the Daily Show this week, but it's late right now, and we're looking into the possibility of getting to bed and waking up earlier, so maybe I'll go into more detail tomorrow or Friday. Besides, since it involves their theme for the whole week, it might be better to see their conclusion first.

And tonight I'm thankful for chocolate chip muffins, wristwatches (even though I don't have one), While You Were Out, drinking water, and pencils.

Hmm... I think that emoticon should actually have the sun and be all withered.
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