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We decided to stop working early today, because after getting a late start (we slept in and then indexed names), it took us an hour to translate the last three pages of Negima! volume six. This would have been a lot less surprising had any of those pages contained lexicon entries, but they were actually just rough sketches with tiny tiny notes. And using words that apparently don't have translations.

After that, it took us another hour to finalize all the chapter titles. A couple of them required research and notes, and we had to decide what to do about puns and things. Chapter titles really don't usually take that long. It was quite ridiculous. So hopefully the titles work well.

Then Oreo took my chair, and that's why this LJ entry is being made so long after finishing work for the day. He was just too cute! So we let him stay. It's not like there's a required time to type up LJ entries or anything. So we read Skip Beat! instead! Tadah! I decided that part of the reason it's so addictive is that it's hyper relatable. Almost anytime I pick it up, somebody's going through something I recently had a problem with. It's uncanny.

Speaking of manga, the other night, we were thinking about DN Angel for some reason, and Athena pointed out that maybe it was better for the fans that the English version is now on indefinite hiatus, as opposed to being on indefinite hiatus after volume 15. Volume 13 has a nice conclusion (there's an epilogue chapter in volume 14, but still), but volume 15 is like, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" It was bad enough that, even though I didn't have the slightest memory how it ended, I had it flagged in my mind as, "Oh no, Satoshi!" Then we talked it over some more and I remembered what happened, and I was like, "OOOOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOOO!!!!"

And then we just laughed.

Incidentally, TokyoPop did send us volume 14 to translate. Now it sits in a lonely pile (or maybe not so lonely; they might be partying or something for all we know) with Maid Sama!. And actually a bunch of Negima! books, plus a couple of Ace Attorney volumes, so it's really probably not so lonely.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo giving me my chair back, having more time to read Skip Beat!, having all the chapter titles finalized for this second omnibus, Celeste being kind enough to drive us to the bank, and our digital converter box finally arriving today.
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