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The other day, we were watching Aladdin DVD extras, and it occurred to me that wow, animators spend an incredibly long time working on just one movie. They spend an incredibly long time working on just one scene! Just one gesture!

And here I am, very very eager to move on to a different series. We've been working on Negima! for a whole two weeks now! Why aren't we doing something else yet!? Sigh. At least in this volume the lexicon entries are all spaced out. I really think it was the hours spent on that last lexicon that have me reeeeally wanting to move on.

In the meantime, we ordered a Hana to Yume magazine again! Since we like to collect the graphic novels, we never order the magazines based on what special chapter of a series is going to be in it or anything--it's all about the bonus insert. This time, they had an adorable little Gakuen Alice mini stationery set, including a stapler. A recent change in the paperwork process for one of our clients made us realize that we needed a stapler, so we decided to keep an eye out for this set!

...Then our old stapler returned out of the blue! so we didn't need it anymore, but we kept an eye out for it anyway, because it really is adorable. And it also has a one-hole punch and a tiny little tape dispenser! (I know "tiny little" is redundant, but...just think of it as emphasis!)

Next, we have to keep an eye out for the LaLa Magazine with the Gakuen Babysitters CD drama...

Anyway. Today I'm thankful for getting the cute Gakuen Alice stationery set, Aladdin DVD extras, adorable little tape dispensers, having two staplers now!, and a hole punch with a picture of Bear on it and the katakana パーンチ.
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