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Behind the Scenes

Has everyone checked out the Captain Animate prologue in our previous entry? I didn't want to give too many translators' notes, because I wanted to leave an element of mystery. Ooooohhhh......

So now here they are!

Captain Animate, for those who didn't know, is originally known as Anime Tenchou. We decided to translate it to Captain Animate because the term is all over the CD cover. Tenchou really means "store manager," but since the "chou" just means "leader," it can refer to a captain, like how a "senchou" is a boat captain, and "taichou" is the captain of a squadron and stuff. So "tenchou" can be a store captain, right?

Anyway, usually we westernize the names in stuff we translate, but this time we decided to leave the names easternized, because a lot of them are puns, like "Anizawa Meito."

For this presentation, we wanted people to be able to at least get a sample of some of the voicework, because it's always better to hear the original. That's why we provided the sound clips, so make sure to click on the links!

The midi of the theme song was especially important, we felt, because it's hard to get a feel for the series without the theme song. Just the lyrics wouldn't be enough, we thought, but we were feeling even more anti-music-download than usual on the day we decided to translate the CD, so we decided to make a midi instead of just ripping the song. There were definitely times when I thought, "It's just one verse--we could just rip it," because making the midi was driving me insane, but by then it had become an obsession, so there you have it.

It was actually kind of fun making the midi, but there came many times where things stopped going so well, and it just seemed like too much of a hassle. Like when we were having trouble figuring out what notes to have the xylophone play (it's actually a marimba, supposedly). It wouldn't sound right, and Athena kept shouting, "Higher!" can tell we need to get out more...

Even now, I listen to it and some bits just don't sound quite right, and sometimes I think that the actual song might be a half step or so higher. But there are a lot of bits that I think are really cool, so overall I'm pretty happy with it. Obviously you don't get the full effect with just a midi though, so here's a link to the two CDs that we have that have the song. Both of them have DOUBLE DEAR, too, a song that we highly recommend *grin*

Hopefully, we can get the translations posted quickly, but motivation may dwindle depending on response *wink*

Oh! Make sure to pay attention to the credits!

And so tonight I'm thankful for the anime store Animate (despite my inability to go there and buy stuff), midi-making software, being finished with that midi, word processors, and Japanese-English dictionaries.
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