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Well, today was supposed to involve showing off things that we made, but it kind of didn't work. Celeste, insisting that it's for us and not her new boyfriend in Washington, had been reminding us that we wanted to record that song she sang in church on Easter, and did we want to do that? She found out we wouldn't be going to Mom's for dinner today, so, since she was in the neighborhood, she offered to take us to Mom's place to record it yesterday. And we did! Tadah!

But now we don't know where to upload it to link it for people to listen to, since it's an audio file and not a video. Maybe if we did a voice post and held the phone to the computer speakers... That seems a little silly. Also, it's really not the best recording quality in the world, and doing that certainly would not help matters. I would make more excuses about the sound quality, but since it's not going to be posted today, I think I'll save them for some other time.

But I do want to mention that trying to record that song presented a challenge I'd never had to deal with before. As I was sitting there playing, Mom's cat insisted on squeezing under my arm and into my lap. I thought I was doing a pretty good job playing anyway, but Celeste started cracking up and we had to start over. It was a shame, because otherwise, that was probably our best take.

And that brings me to the other thing we wanted to show off, which technically isn't anything worth showing off for ourselves, because it only took us about five minutes to make (and would have taken less time if I hadn't kept hitting "cancel" instead of "done" when cropping the picture). But we like to show off our new icons, regardless if they involved no creativity on our part.

See, the other day, Natsuki Takaya posted a nice picture of Kyo on Twitter, and someone asked if they could make an icon out of it, and Takaya-sensei said sure, you can use any of the pictures she posts on Twitter for icons, as long as you're not making any money off of them. Well in that case! We went to her Twitter picture feed and looked at all the pictures, and found the one we're now using as an icon! Tadah!

I've been talking about the cats a lot lately, so we've been wanting a kitties icon, but we've just been too lazy to pull out all our cat pictures and choose a representative. Plus, it wouldn't be fair to the cats we didn't use. (Chances are we would have gone with the one of Oreo trying to escape at the overnight vet place. We might still make an icon of that someday. Mimsy on the luggage would make for cute icons, too.) But anyway, we've also wanted a Fruit Basket icon, so that's two birds with one stone! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for Natsuki Takaya being nice enough to let people use her Twitter art for icons, hilarious kitty pictures (that's a bunch of cats accusing Kyo of betraying them for going out with Tohru), finally having a kitty icon and a Fruits Basket icon, having a Freschetta pizza to look forward to for dinner tonight, and having a nice relaxing afternoon to look forward to before it.
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