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Time for our weekly Gundam Seed obsessing!

Okay, so there was a new character in Bleach a couple weeks ago, and we kept trying and trying to figure out who played him, and the best guess I had was Susumu Chiba.  Wrong!  It was Nobuyuki Hiyama.  Then we're watching Futakoi Alternative and there's this guy and we're trying to figure out who plays him, and again my best guess was Susumu Chiba.  And again it was Nobuyuki Hiyama.  So finally, this week we're watching Gundam Seed Destiny and there's this voice playing random extras (he seriously played like three guys) and I'm like, "He sounds a lot like Susumu Chiba.  It must be Nobuyuki Hiyama."

And you guessed it!  It was Susumu Chiba.  Of course.  Of course.  Ah well.  Maybe someday I'll get it right.

The new opening sequence continues to amuse me.  Athrun and his harem!  Bwahahaha!  I'm so amused that they added Meilin to that one bit.

I'm liking Shinn more and more.  At first we're both like, "What's with this stupid punk kid?  He's thinks he's the main character, and yet he hardly does anything."  But now he's adorable.  I was so sad when he realized Stellar didn't remember him, and then I cried when she did.  *sniffle*

And now Lacus has gone off to PLANT, just like Athrun did.  Only she's way smarter than Athrun, so things will probably end up better with her than they did for him.  Kira is so awesome, all wanting to protect her and stuff.  I kind of wonder why he couldn't have gone in Andy's place, but there are all sorts of reasons, so I guess it can't be helped.

New ending!  At first we were wondering why Athrun and Meeya were with all these dead people, and we got really scared.  But then Kira was with a bunch of dead people too, and, as Athena puts it, "As much as you could kill Athrun, you can't kill Kira."  But then we remembered that Shinn thinks he's the main character.  But he was hanging out with dead people too!  So maybe it's just an artist reeeeally wanting to let Athrun be with all his friends, one more time.  Yeah.  That's it.

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