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A cat tale

Today has been another uneventful day, so I'm going to retell the story Athena told me about Page and her feeding toy. Unfortunately, it happened a little while ago, so we might be missing some of the details, but here goes.

Some people may remember that a few weeks ago, we bought a little ball for Page that you can fill with dry cat food. When it rolls around, the food falls out, and thus Page can play, exercise, and eat, all at the same time! Brilliant!

We finally tried it a few days after we got it, but she didn't really seem interested. We showed her that if you roll it around, food comes out! Boring. Athena tried using cat nip to attract her to the toy...and Page proceeded to be extremely interested in the little section of carpet where extra bits of cat nip fell (in retrospect, perhaps the cat nip should have been applied over a sink or something). Page just wasn't interested in the toy.

We had other things to do (like try and get Oreo to eat), so we didn't worry about it too much. Then one day, Athena decided to try again. We know that Page is interested in the cat laser, so Athena picked it up and directed the laser at the food toy. Page stared at it. (Or ignored it; Athena can't remember which.) Fine. We can at least get her some exercise, and maybe trick her into playing with the food toy!

So Athena took the toy into the living room (which is better suited for playing with cat lasers) and started shining the laser around so Page would play with it. It worked as well as it usually does--meaning she alternates between running around chasing it like mad, and being all eh, whatever. Then Athena started shining the laser close to the food toy.

Just as planned, Page knocked the food toy, and it rolled! And food came out!

...And from then on, Page still played with the laser, but avoided the area with the food toy. Sigh.

At least she's still adorable and hilarious.

Today I'm thankful for ways to get Page to exercise even if she doesn't like the food toy, finally getting to try the Thin Mint ice cream last night (it would be better with more Thin Mints), Negima! pages with Latin (they look like they have a lot of text, but it's all easy to translate (or transliterate, rather)), having time to read manga yesterday, and getting to order that issue of Hana to Yume with the adorable Gakuen Alice stationery set. And our Pirates of the Caribbean poster arriving!
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