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Today is a day of not knowing what to say on LJ, except that Quattro Formaggio Triscuits taste like Pizza Pringles, only wheatier. We thought about going onto Twitter and saying something like, "We're really not digging this seemingly prevailing theory that everyone who worked for TokyoPop treated their titles very poorly." But then I didn't want to because I didn't want to worry about character count. And I also didn't want people saying, "Well if the shoe fits..." So I chickened out. Maybe next time we see people talking about it.

That reminds me, though. Back when the grumpy translator made his post about how TokyoPop simultaneously spurred on and ruined the manga industry, another blog linked to his, with a little bit of commentary. The blogger said that a common excuse manga pirates have is that scanslations have so much better translations than official manga, and if the translators are getting paid that little, it makes sense that the scanslators, who are doing it out of love, would be doing a better job--the official translators are getting paid so little that they clearly have no motivation. We really should have commented, because the obvious response to that is, "Hello. Why would anyone do it for such a pittance if they didn't love the manga, too?"

...It would seem that I have a lot of regrets about not saying things I should have said back when it still would have made sense to say it. Sometimes I think about making a list here on LJ, only without providing any context. It would be all things like, "Feeble does not come from feeble-minded. Feeble has always meant weak, thus it spawned the term feeble-minded."

But then I'd have to sit down and remember all the things that would go on the list, and it's really just not worth the time and effort.

On a happier note, D23 (the official Disney fanclub, of which we are not members because, as stated in the recent past, we're kind of poor) is having a Disney trivia contest at their convention this August, and you don't have to even be attending the expo to compete! We're pretty sure there are a bunch of people who could beat us, but we think we can at least make it to the third round. Now we just need to figure out how we're going to get there...

Today I'm thankful for Quattro Formaggio Triscuits, the prospect of having clean clothes very soon (we're doing laundry at this very moment!), plans to eat ice cream tonight, having new Classic Composers CDs, and being able to change our Classic Composers delivery schedule so as to get them less frequently (and thus space out payments).
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