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Walls of text!

Aaah, nothing like an old volume of Negima! to make us grateful that the text density has gone down in later volumes. It probably helps that two-thirds of Negi's class was left in Japan back in volume 20 or whatever it was.

Anyway, we're working on the Negima! omnibus! Tadah! It's kind of kicking our butts. Although it may be in league with our irregular schedule of this week and the growing heat. Translation always gets harder when it's hot. And when it's really cold. And when they're at the boring, "Look, we're a bunch of irresponsible middle school girls!" chapters. Oh, we're just kidding on that last part. Sort of. Class 3-A is pretty entertaining, but they talk a lot. So it's not really boring, just reeeeeally hard to translate. And it feels like we're not making any progress.

Still, it's interesting to reread it now that we have a much better idea of who all the characters are. I think I said that when I was talking about the first omnibus, but it's still true. It's also interesting to note the differences between our translation and the first one that got published. I think we're stealing a lot more lines from the first translation this time. (Don't worry; we only do it when it works. It's actually better than you might think.)

I'm still sad that we started translating Negima!? Neo before either of us read volume four of Negima! Proper. In Negima!? Neo, Setsuna starts out at Konoka's side all the time, so we already knew she wasn't really evil. So we didn't get the benefit of the suspense. Boo. Ah well; it's an occupational hazard.

Today I'm thankful for having plans to try to see Pirates 4 tonight, having a carton of Thin Mint ice cream in our freezer (you know, the Girl Scouts never come selling to our apartment; it's very sad), Oreo having visibly gained weight, being done going to the store today, and having a bag of Chex Mix to eat for lunch when our normal plans were thwarted by forgetting to put out butter to soften.
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