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Oreo is back from his recheck at the vet, and he didn't need fluids! Yay! While we were at PetSmart, we also bought a bunch of different brands of catfood, to see if we can find anything he likes. We also bought a kitty toothbrush! It has instructions on it just like the ones in Chi's Sweet Home! And maybe sometime when we're not lazy or tired of dealing with bowls of catfood, we'll give it a try!

In the meantime (meantime of what?), we've been playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It's so hard playing this game, because we keep having to tell ourselves that just because the translation isn't even close to how we would have done it, that doesn't mean it's a bad translation. (Of course that doesn't stop us from being like, "And that misses this nuance, which I think is important, but maybe it's not, but still!")

But there's one thing about the translation that I'm going to have a very, very difficult time getting over. In a game called Kingdom Hearts, where the heart is like a super main theme that reaches through every one of the games, we think it's okay to leave in all the references to hearts. In Birth by Sleep, almost every single time they use "kokoro" in the Japanese, the translation just glazes over it somehow! Almost every single time! Why!? I mean, I know that sometimes it sounds awkward to use the word "heart" in those contexts, but not every time. Especially in Kingdom Hearts! That's what they talk about! Hearts!

Is it because we sometimes make fun of Ansem for being all "blah blah hearts blah blah darkness blah blah stupid Sora" all the time? If that's it, we're sorry! We tease out of love! (Love for the game, not so much for Ansem. He's a jerk.) Besides, sometimes characters are obsessed. But when they are, that's what makes them who they are, and if you try to take that away, you have a very flat character.

Maybe that's it! Maybe it's because the one character is so obsessed with hearts that the translator wanted to create more of a contrast by not having any of the other characters mention hearts. That's a little silly, though, because that's kind of a big part of being a Keyblade Master (talking about hearts, I mean).

Ah well. What's done is done.

Today I'm thankful for our home teacher being kind enough to drive us to the vet, Oreo not needing fluids, kitty toothbrushes (we think Oreo's a good enough sport that he'll let us use it, assuming the toothpaste isn't disgusting), having time to shop for catfood after Oreo's appointment, and the yummy juice from Fresh & Easy (and yet, despite its yumminess, whenever it's suggested that we drink it, we're like, "Awww." probably 'cause we're lazy).
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