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Oreo is eating again! ...sort of. He's still being picky. But fortunately, we went to Mom's house today for our second birthday dinner, and it involved hamburger. So we asked Mom to set some aside so we could take it home to Oreo, and thus we had something new for him to eat. Spoiled cat. But! he jumped up onto Athena's bed while we were reading manga, so we're pretty happy.

Speaking of cats and food! While we were trying to figure out how to get picky cats to eat, we discovered the existence of a toy that you put food into, and the cat has to play with it to knock the food out (or were reminded of its existence, actually). Thus, their food is better regulated, and they get exercise! Yay! So we got one for Page, who has gotten quite pudgy since we first got her.

We were really excited to show it to her when we brought it home on Friday, but she seemed so comfy on my bed that we figured she wouldn't really be interested. But eventually we got it out, filled it with food, and showed it to her! ...and she proceeded to ignore it. She seems pretty determined to continue ignoring it, too. And with all the Oreo-not-eating stress, it's hard to just say, "Well when she gets hungry enough..." Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo eating again!, the great lessons we had in church today, a nice dinner at Mom's house, the adventureful cake we had, and having time to read manga.
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