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Captain Animate

And here it is! Our top-secret project come to light! Tadah!!

Captain: Ugh…
Anizawa: H-hey! Hang in there!
       Are you alright!?
Captain: Uh…thank you…
       I’m beyond help…!
Anizawa: Don’t be stupid!
       How can you be beyond help?
Captain: Will you listen…
       To the final request…of a dying man?
       Take this…
Anizawa: Th…this hat…
Captain: Become…Captain Animate
       In my stead!
Anizawa: What do you mean?
       Captain Animate!?
       What on earth are you talking about!?
Captain: Ugh! Uh…
Anizawa: This hat…
Anizawa: A shining red

Captain Animate Theme: "Captain Animate"

Anizawa: Welcome!
Everyone: Welcome!
Anizawa: Welcome to Animate!
Everyone: Welcome to Animate!

Akaku kirameku SAN BAIZAA aitsu ga uwasa no tenchou da!
Dotou ni semaru kyaku o furiwake
Gentei GUZZU o urisabaku
Mawari de tasukeru tenshi-tachi
Gentei GUZZU wa urikire da!
“Suman! Kono tsugi mata douzo.”

A shining red sun visor—he is the rumored store captain!
Parting the customers, who press on him in billowing surges,
He sells the limited edition merchandise.
Around him are angels assisting him
The limited edition merchandise is sold out!
“We’re sorry! Please come again next time.”

Narrator: Captain Animate, Anizawa Meito, is the store captain of the anime store Animate. Even today, his passionate love for anime continues to fight in times of darkness and despair within Animate.

Original Work: Kazuhiko Shimamoto
Scenario: Ryunosuke Kingetsu

Anizawa Meito: Tomokazu Seki
Previous Captain: Eiji Takemoto

Captain Animate Theme
Music: Cublic.
Lyrics: Kazuhiko Shimamoto
Performed by Tomokazu Seki

Special thanks to Sanzo for giving us the software to make the midi. Sorry about the quality--it's the first midi we've ever made.

To be continued...
Tags: anime tenchou, captain animate, translations

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